10 Activities to Enjoy During Your Waiting Time at Changi Airport


Waiting for your flight is really boring and seems to take forever! Especially if you have no one to talk to or have nothing to do. That is why Changi Airport turns its place into something enjoyable and entertaining! The airport has a lot of free facilities made for anyone to enjoy, young or old! Let us explore them through this list that features the highlights of Changi Airport that will surely make any travelers happy!


1. The Slide@T3 ᐧ Awaken your kid side!

Experience being a child once more with Singapore’s tallest slide, which is also the world’s tallest slide located in an airport! Who would imagine that airports would have something like this inside them? The Slide@T3 measures 12 meters, equal to four stories high! For every S$10 spent at Changi Airport, kids and even adults can enjoy a thrilling ride from Level 1 down to Basement 3 of the airport. The slides are open from 12nn until every day. It an indeed a unique experience to have!


2. Movie Theater for free watching!


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If you’re not much of an adventurous person, another way to spend your waiting time at Changi Airport is by chilling at their movie theater located at Terminals 2 and 3. Catch the latest movies on the big screen for free! For 24 hours, both cinemas are open to passengers and offer a nice and cozy environment. You might even be too relaxed and immersed in the movie so just be careful not to miss your flight!


Changi Airport also has aesthetically themed gardens. Let us go into the beautiful world of flowers! 

3. Sunflower Garden


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Planted on the flower beds at the 3rd-floor transit hall of Changi Airport are hundreds of bright and beautiful sunflowers! Passengers feel relaxed and happy by admiring the garden especially during the day when the flowers are enjoying the sunlight. It seems that they are smiling at you. Do not miss the opportunity to take a picture! At night, you can also enjoy the majestic view of the lights when you look below.


4. Butterfly Garden

This butterfly garden is originally designed as a tropical butterfly habitat. Now, it is the world’s first butterfly garden that can be found inside an airport! There are flowers and butterflies of different kinds, colors, and shapes! Some of the special plants that can be seen here include the red puff flower, starflower, and the fire tree. Moreover, there is a 6m long waterfall and fences where you can closely observe the feeding and breeding of their alluring butterflies!


5. Orchid Garden


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Changi Airport takes care of 30 different species of orchids in its Orchid Garden located at Terminal 2. Orchids are special because it is the national flower of Singapore, and Changi Airport has more than 700 of them! They are all arranged depending on their shapes and colors. Some orchids are rare such as the brown and green orchids. 


6. Cactus Garden


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In 2001, the Cactus Garden was given the National Parks City Garden Awards! This is certainly a well-deserved award considering how maintained and preserved the plants are here. There are 100 species of cactus that can be found here, some came from Asian and African deserts. The garden is located on the rooftop, beside a bar where travelers can relax and have a refreshing drink while waiting. 


7. Enchanted Garden


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The enchanted garden consists of four huge glass bouquet that seems to come to life! Each bouquet structure is full of flowers and is decorated with glass that glows. There is a motion sensor attached and when motion is sensed, a mesmerizing sound of nature can be heard. You’ll surely feel delighted by this beautiful scenery!


8. Snooze Lounge ᐧ Relax and enjoy leisure time while waiting!


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Of course, traveling is exhausting! Take away fatigue by going to Changi Airport’s snooze lounge and take a relaxing nap. There is an available OSIM massage chair for you to enjoy for 15 minutes, free! You’ll surely feel refreshed and re-energized after! Also, passengers who have canceled flights can sleep here for long hours while waiting for their next flight. 


9. Entertainment Area

This one will surely be the favorite staying area by the kids and some kids-at-heart, especially arcade gamers! The Changi Airport Multimedia Entertainment Area features different arcade games and computer games that are open daily from 6 am until 11:59 am. Have fun with family and friends by playing here!


10. Interactive Art

Woodblock printing became popular in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960s. Here at Changi Airport, you can experience making your own! The paper, crayons, and other materials that you will be using are provided. Dig your imagination and create your own artworks!

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