10 Facts About People in Johor Every Johorean Can Relate To



Every place has their own unique culture and tradition, as well as characteristics. Located at the end of the North – South Highway, the longest highway in Peninsular Malaysia, Johor Bahru is the capital state of Johor, Malaysia’s second largest city. Whether you live here or you just came to visit, you need to get to know the place and the people here to feel like you are a part of the culture.


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You probably heard some stories about the people in Johor and the place itself but not sure if those things are true or not. To make it clear to you, here are 10 facts you need to know about JB and its people.

1. At least one member of the family is working in Singapore


Singapore is only about 30 to 45 minutes drive from Johor. And the exchange rate gap between the places is an advantage for the Malaysian who live in Singapore. These are the very reasons why at least one person in the family choose to work in Singapore.

2. New currency of Malaysia will make you think to go to the other side.


With the new currency of Malaysia, many people in Johor are choosing to work in Singapore to earn money to support their families.

3. Everyone must have been asked with this question: “Isn’t it dangerous in Johor?”


Have you ever experienced going to another place and when you said you’re from Johor Bahru, people will immediately ask “Is it safe in JB?” Security issues in JB has been the worry of other people. And it is kinda frustrating to explain it to them over and over.

4. Got used to flood!


In recent years, some areas in JB, especially Wong Ah Fook Street often experience flood whenever it rains. And sometimes we just get used to things if we always experience it, right?

5. Now the houses are just sooo expensive!


What are the people complaining about? Expensive house! As part of the development of JB’s economy, prices are also getting more and more expensive – including houses!

6. Never misses the Chingay.

Probably most people in JB participated in Chingay at least once in their life. It is the most important event among Chinese in Johor during Chinese New Year. For them, Chinese New Year celebrations ends only after Chingay. Wait, don’t tell me you haven’t participated in this celebration yet? Well, you can still come next year. See ya!

7. Grew up watching Channel 8

Raise your hand if you grew up watching Channel 8 television program! Almost all the kids in JB probably grew up watching Channel 8, and obsessed with Love 97.2, 93.3, Jia FM, and more. Are you familiar with these channels?

8. Cafe hopping during weekend.


In recent years, many cafes have mushroomed JB so people here have probably tried all the best cafes in the area, hanging out with their friends during weekend.

9. Following Sultan Ibrahim on Facebook


Very concerned with the Sultan of Johor, most people in JB have probably liked Sultan Ibrahim on Facebook. Admit it, you hit the like button too, right?

10. No matter what happens, people will forever love JB.

There are indeed lots of things that need to developed in JB: public transportation, law and order, livelihood, and more issues. You might be complaining, but deep in your heart I know you just can’t leave JB. And no matter what happens, your love with Johor Bahru will still remain.


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