10 Recommended Classic Thai Horror Movies! Do You Dare Watch Them Yourself?


Thai horror movies have always been one of the best among horror movies. Not only are there many horror films produced in Thailand, but many of them are classic! We have compiled 10 of the most classic Thai horror movies here! Let’s watch the movie together~ 

1. Dorm

It tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Ton, who was forced to study in a boarding school. He then found that the teachers and students at the school were very strange, and the dormitory he lived in happened to be haunted.

Release Year: 2006

Duration: 110 minutes 

2. Body

Based on a real murder case, a doctor was sentenced to death for killing and exhuming his wife.

Release year: 2007

Duration: 119 minutes 

3. Ghost Game

Reality show contestants are forced to confront their fears and the supernatural. They are brought to an abandoned Cambodian prison where they have to overcome traps set by the producers and the spirits that haunt the place.

Release time: 2006

Duration: 100 minutes 

4. Phobia5

The movie consists of 5 different stories, which included the story of a young novice who does not believe in cause and effect but couldn‘t fight against fate, the story of encountering a ghost in the hospital, the story of hitchhiking and boarding a living corpse, the story of a ghost who died of a fate attached to the car and the story of a ghost that plays the protagonist of a ghost film.

Release time: 2009

Duration: 126 minutes 

5. Alone

It tells the story of Ping and her husband moving from Thailand to South Korea to start her new life, and a phone call changed his life.

Release time: 2007

Duration: 89 minutes 

6. 3 Art of The Devil3

It tells the horror story of six childhood friends who return to their hometown during their summer vacation for reunite. During the holiday, six people met their former elementary school teacher Panor and things started to be strange.

Release time: 2008

Duration: 81 minutes 

7. 4BIA

Tells 4 stories, namely: ghost knocks on the door, tooth for tooth, who sleeps in the middle, and the flight of death.

Release time: 2008

Duration: 112 minutes 

8. The Victim

It tells the story of a girl with a dream of being a celebrity, promised to be the actor of a police homicide case. She went to the murder scene many times to repeat imitating the process of the victim’s tragic death. In the middle of the night, she began to dream that she was covered with blood, and gradually felt the ghosts and spirits around her.

Release time: 2006

Duration: 103 minutes

9. Shutter

It tells the story of a couple who killed a young girl after hitting her with car. The couple escaped but they were panicked and uneasy. It was not just the memories of the fatal choice that bothered them. There were even more scary things that haunted them.

Release time: 2004

Duration: 97 minutes 

10. Coming Soon

It tells the story of the movie projectionist who fell into an economic crisis because of smoking marijuana. He was threatened by the underworld to release the unreleased new film “Ghost”. Later, it was discovered that his dead friend appeared in the film. As the film played, more deaths were about to happen.

Release time: 2008

Duration: 80 minutes

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