10 Thrilling Movies Hitting Cinemas This April 2019!


Have you seen the trailer of the newest Avengers movie? Fret not if you haven’t ’cause we’ve got you covered on some of the most intense and hair-raising movies you would love to see this April on big screens!

1. P Storm

Releasing Date: 04 April 2019

Synopsis: William Luk is back and now as an undercover prisoner to investigate the correctional officers who receive bribe! He will team up with Ming, an officer from ICAC, to after Yun, a corrupt Mainland officer also known as White Glove.

2. Pet Sematary

Releasing Date: 04 April 2019

Synopsis: Pet Sematary is another masterpiece from Stephen King that tells the story of Dr. Louis Creed and his family who relocated to Maine. Soon, they’ll discover an eerie mysterious burial ground hidden in the woods where they will experience a series of horrifying events!

3. Viral

Releasing Date: 04 April 2019

Synopsis: After winning from an augmented game, this girl will soon claim her winning prize inside an abandoned building. To commemorate her victory, she took snaps inside this building. Upon getting home, she realized that she’s not alone in the photos and this ghost will keep on haunting her! Soon, words begin to spread about this haunted picture and people receives a spine-chilling experience!

4. Fighting With My Family

Releasing Date: 11 April 2019

Synopsis: Fighting With My Family is a comedy-drama about professional wrestler Paige and Zak of WWE. Paige needed to leave her family behind to face her new dangerous world and prove herself!

5. Missing Link

Releasing Date: 11 April 2019

Synopsis: Mr Link, an 8 feet tall covered with fur, will set sail to find his own family tagging along with him is the fearless explorer, Sir Lionel Frost, and adventurer, Adelina to the valley of Shangri-La! They will experience dangerous situations and find a family in the most unexpected way!

6. Fly By Night

Releasing Date: 11 April 2019

Synopsis: Tailo live as a taxi driver by day and a low-key head of an extortion gang in Kuala Lumpur together with his younger brother Sailo. The two will going to step it up a notch by pulling a big heist!

7. Hellboy

Releasing Date: 11 April 2019

Synopsis: Caught between the supernatural and human worlds, Hellboy will fight back against ancient sorceress seeking for revenge!

8. When Ghost Meets Zombie

Releasing Date: 18 April 2019

Synopsis: When a soul and a body collide, the two becomes one! This complicated love story will make you believe that even a ghost and a zombie can truly get along!

9. Avengers: Endgame

Releasing Date: 24 April 2019

Synopsis: What will happen to the Avengers after the Infinity War?

10. Two Sisters

Releasing Date: 18 April 2019

Synopsis: After getting released from an asylum, the two sisters reunited and came back home to their abandoned family house where they will be going to unfold a tragic family secret!

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