【 10 Touching and Emotional Korean Movies That Will Make You Cry 】


Korean movies are always one of our favourites! Beside romantic-themed Korean movies that we all familiar with, there are also many touching and emotional Korean movies that will make people cry!  Read more to check out these 10 Emotional Korean Movies!

1. Miracle in Cell No. 7

It tells the story between Lee Yong Gu, who was imprisoned for injustice, and his daughter who worked tirelessly to prove that her father is wrongly accused of a crime

Release Year: 2013

Duration: 127 minutes

2. Wedding Dress

It tells the touching story of a terminally ill single mother striving to do everything for her daughter, So Ra, to ensure her future.

Release year: 2010

Duration: 109 minutes

3. Hope

Based on a real case in South Korea, it tells the story of how an underage girl got out of the shadow after being sexually assaulted and how her family faced life.

Release year: 2013

Duration: 122 minutes

4. Daisy 

 An urban romantic melodrama involving young painter Hye-young,  Interpol detective Jeong Woo and professional hitman Park Yi.

Release year: 2006

Duration: 110 minutes

5. A Moment to Remember 

It describes follows the story of discovery in a relationship and the burdens of loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Release year:2004

Duration:117 minutes

6. More than Blue

Tell a story about the male lead creates opportunities for his loved one to be together with another man, while hiding the truth from his loved one.

Release year: 2009

Duration: 105 minutes

7. Harmony

It tells a story of inmates of a women’s prison form a choir and compete in the national women’s choir contest.

Release year:2010

Duration:115 minutes

8. Silenced

Based on an incident that actually happened in a real life, it described a tragedy caused by sexual violence, and the school teachers and human rights activists worked together to uncover the shady story behind the scenes, which aroused the social protection of vulnerable groups. Discussion of protection.

Release year: 2011

Duration: 125 minutes

9. Way Back Home

It tells the story of an ordinary Korean housewife who was misunderstood to hide drugs at Orly Airport in France, was imprisoned in a prison on Martinique Island, which took 22 hours to reach by flying from South Korea. Her husband started to seek for help from world.

Release year: 2013

Duration:131 minutes

10. Spirits’ Homecoming

It tells the tragic story of a 14-year-old girl Jeong Min and a group of girls who became comfort women after being forcibly taken away by the Japanese army during the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1943.

Release year: 2016

Duration: 127 minutes

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