10 True-to-Life Korean Movies that You Shouldn’t Miss to Watch!


Watching movies can widen people’s imagination, stir imagination, and allow people to have a taste of all kinds of lifestyles. But did you know that not all movies are a product of a moviemaker’s broad imagination for some of them are actually based on real-life. Here are some that you’ll never know were based on real events.


1. Memories of Murder (杀人回忆)

Memories of Murder takes place in small province of Korea in 1986. It tells the story of two detectives who struggle with the case of multiple young women being found rape and murdered by an unknown culprit.



2. Don’t Cry Mommy (妈妈别哭)

This 2012 South Korean crime drama is about a woman who seeks revenge against the youths who rape her daughter.



3. The Attoryney (辩护人)

As the name of the film tells, The Attorney is about a tax attorney who becomes the defense lawyer for a group of young men against the government.



4. Silenced (熔炉)

Silenced tells a story of a school for the hearing-impaired where young deaf students were sexually assaulted by the faculty members. Together with the human rights activist, Gang-In-ho uncovers the abuse and puts a stop to it.



5. Hope (素媛)

This South Korean film Hope, also known as Wish, is about a young girl living an idyllic life with her working class parents. One date, while on her way to school, So-won, is kidnapped, beaten, and raped by a male stranger and was left for death. Fortunately, she survives. Find out how a family finds hope after suffering an irreversible hurt.



6. Whistle Blower (举报者)

Whistle Blower depicts the real-life events of a disgraced Korean researcher whose unethical work is exposed by an anonymous source.



7. Han Gong-ju (韩公主)


This film follows a story of a young school girl, Han Gong-ju, who is forced to leave her hometown to escape an investigation.



8. Miracle in Cell No. 7 (七号房的礼物)

This South Korean film tells the story of a mentally-challenged man who is wrongfully imprisoned for murder, who later builds friendship with his inmate. Since he cannot bear to be separated with his daughter, his inmates help him see his daughter by smuggling her into the prison.



9. The Chaser (追击者)

This film follows a story of a disgraced ex-detective-turned-pimp who gets involved in a breathless race against time to catch a psychopathic serial killer after his two prostitutes have gone missing.



10. Voice of a Murderer (那家伙的声音)

This South Korean crime thriller-drama film is about the true story of the kidnapping of nine-year-old Lee Hyung-ho in 1991. 


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