4 Cooking and Eating Myths We Need to Debunk ASAP!


We are what we eat. How do you eat? There are a lot of misconceptions about cooking that we should and must eliminate! Today, we will unravel some of it for a healthier you!


Myth 1: The longer the cooking, the better!

A lot of people think that food should be cooked for a long period of time to ensure it is safe and healthy to consume, I hate to break it with you but NO. In fact, nutrients present in vegetables lose some of its content such as 60% of Vitamin C and 40% of Vitamin B!


Myth 2: Eating Raw Lettuce is HEALTHIER!

For children and people with poor gastrointestinal function, this is not advisable. Eating many raw vegetables will affect your gastrointestinal function resulting in poor digestion.


Myth 3: NO to vegetable juice!

Some of us squeeze out vegetable juice when making dumplings and porridge and these people are actually throwing away about 70% of the vitamins and minerals inside these veggies!


Myth 4: Leftover meals are yum yum!

Leftover meals lose Vitamins C and B when left overnight and if it is not properly stored, it may even lead to food poisoning. It is best to cook meals enough for one sitting to avoid having leftovers.

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