4 Easy Methods to Eradicate Cockroaches in Your Car


In the corner of the houses, under the sink, and now even inside your car! These cockroaches are indeed becoming more annoying and more difficult to catch and kill. Here is a list of easy and effective tricks to finally get rid of these pests and make each day of yours better. So set aside your fear of cockroaches, do these tricks and say hello to a clean and fresh-smelling car!


Method # 1: Food Traps

This is probably the easiest way of catching and killing cockroaches. You need to prepare first the ingredients to make your food trap: used cooking oil, condensed milk, and butter. Afterward, mix all three in an open container (or a bowl may do) and stir thoroughly. Leave it inside your car over the night and expect to find those annoying little creatures the next morning floating in your food trap. 


Method # 2: Bottle Traps

The second method is somehow similar to the first one. The only difference is that here, you will be using a nearly emptied bottle of lemon tea. You can buy bottled lemon tea and just drink until there is little left. Again, leave it inside the car overnight, uncapped. However, be careful and alert in putting the cap the next morning so that the cockroach can not come out again.

Method # 3: Natural Sauna

The third method is more complicated than the first and second ones. Nonetheless here, there is less interaction with cockroaches. And also no materials needed. You just have to clean your car thoroughly on a bright day. Then, park your car under the sun, all doors opened, and wait for the little creatures to emerge out of the car. 

It’s like giving the cockroaches a sauna!


Method # 4: Strong odors

One of the cockroaches’ weaknesses is the smell of lemongrass and pandan leaves, and peppermint leaves. Shoo those pests away by putting a bunch of these plants inside your car and the cockroaches themselves will leave your car once they smell the odor coming from the plants. As a matter of fact, it is proven that cockroaches die when they are exposed to the strong odor of essential oils, particularly peppermint oil.

These methods can also be done to eradicate cockroaches inside your house. 

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