4 Ways You Can Do to Eliminate Bacteria Living in Your Towels at Home!


Would you like to use a towel filled with bacteria? Of course, you wouldn’t allow it! So, why keep on using the same towel every day? How sure you are that cleaning it once every week would mean that it is clean? Honey, you’re not that sure and no one is. Your towel can breed thousands of bacteria without you knowing it! Stop putting your health at risk!


3 Towel Usage Taboos

There are actually three reasons why your towel gets dirty and these are …


1. Towel composition

Towels are mainly made of cotton fiber. Cotton fiber contains hollow cells that store water and humidity of the towel is an important factor in bacteria growth!


2. No regular exposure to sunlight

We often leave our towels inside our bathroom, poor ventilation and lack of sunlight are in fact a nesting ground for bacteria!


3. Lack of sterilization

Our body often acquires dirt, dust, sweat, grease, and other excreta. These can be transferred to our towel and if left it unsterilized, there is a high probability that it could multiply the bacteria living to it which can cause cross-infection.


Please, avoid also using the same towel over and over or using one towel to all the members of the family.


4 Ways to Eliminate the Bacteria Living in Your Towel


1. Disinfect using laundry liquid + white vinegar

Wash your towel every once in a week using hot water, a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking powder, then soak your towel for 1 hour. After soaking, add the white vinegar and laundry detergent then wash and clean your towel thoroughly.


2. Towel disinfection method

Put your clean towel in a pot, add water, a pinch of salt, and allow it to heat under high heat. Once the water starts to boil, adjust the fire to low heat and continue boiling it for another 15 minutes.


3. Scrub with coarse salt

If your towel starts to get sticky, soak it in boiling water with two tablespoons of salt for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the towel and rinse it a few times.


4. Sunlight exposure

After washing your towels, always make sure to dry it under direct sunlight to kill the pathogens and eliminate bacteria.


Most experts also recommend changing your towel after every 3 months. Also, having a separate towel for your face, body, and feet is also advisable! If you don’t want to change your towel, you may just sterilize it to avoid bacteria contamination.

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