5 Thrilling Movies Coming This March 2019!


It’s Movie time! Brace yourself for these exciting movies to be unveiled this month!

1. Captain Marvel


Releasing Date: 06 Mar 2019

Synopsis: The film was set in 1990s when Carol Denver became one of the most powerful heroes of the Galaxy that will save Earth from a cosmic war!

2. Reside


Releasing Date: 07 Mar 2019

Synopsis: One stormy night, 6 people in black practicing a mysterious ritual with an unknown body accidentally summon a wandering spirit that will haunt them!

3. Captive State


Releasing Date: 14 Mar 2019

Synopsis: Our planet is now occupied by extraterrestrial beings. Captive State explores the lives of the collaborators and dissidents.

4. The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale


Releasing Date: 14 Mar 2019

Synopsis: An illegal experiment conducted by a pharmaceutical company in Korea went wrong and created zombies. Rather than being afraid, this family will make a fortune from the situation! Yup, they are really “odd”!

5. Dumbo


Releasing Date: 28 Mar 2019

Synopsis: Dumbo is a young elephant gifted with oversized ears. Dumbo will save the circus from the bankruptcy by using his ears to fly! Sadly, Dumbo and his friends will accidentally discover the dark secret of the circus.

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