6 Chilling Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Milk Tea!


Are you really an Asian if you haven’t had a milk tea in your life? Milk Tea continues to captivate us with its refreshing and drooling taste year after year, but did you know that this succulent drink is actually detrimental to our health? Yikes!

P/S: Who needs this kind of negativity in our life? If milk tea makes you happy, then, by all means, enjoy yourself! But … be sure to give it a limit for your health needs too!

#1: High in Calorie!

Milk Tea is indeed and in fact high in calorie! One cup of milk itself already contains 460 calories not mentioning the pearls and sugar added to your drink!


#2: Additives are harmful to your health

Most milk teas are made with creamer and additives. Although the pigments and flavourings added passed the national food additive standards, still, too much intake can be dangerous to your health!


#3: Reduce memory

This is because the fatty acids you get from milk tea promotes cholesterol to human memory, so it can be deduced that excessive intake can reduce your memory and may even prone to Alzheimer’s disease.


#4: Cavity

A cup of milk tea is equivalent to 18 sugar cubes! If you want to keep your precious sparkling smile you may want to give your milk tea a break (but… can you? Ugh!).


#5: Vulnerable to chronic diseases!

Since milk tea contains high sugar and calories, it can cause obesity and high risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetes


#6: Gets UGLY?!!!

This mind-boggling revelation is caused by too much intake of tea! Tea is good in detoxifying the body, however, too much of it generates extreme heat and creates a chemical imbalance in the body resulting in PIMPLE BREAKOUT!

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