6 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Aspiring Brides


“Hair” comes the bride dressed all in light, radiant and lovely she shines in his sight…. Our hair is our crowning glory, so for aspiring brides out there, make sure to flaunt your reigning beauty by trying out these unique hair styles!

1. 气质新娘发型

(Source: Pinterest)

Slay your wedding day with the newest hairstyle trend! It is adorned with simple but bright headdress.

2. Flower series hairstyles

(Source: Pinterest)

This was first introduced in Europe and United States. It will transform any bride from being plain and simple to fairy like very suitable for outdoor weddings like beach or garden.

3. High bun hairstyles

(Source: Pinterest)

High bun hairstyles are elegant and refreshing to the eye. However, nowadays, the messier bun the better!

4. 唯美艺术造型

(Source: Pinterest)

Among all the available styles for brides and bridesmaid, this is probably the most complicated and detailed. It is bold, series of braids and shapes.

5. Japanese hairstyle

(Source: Pinterest)

For sweet milady, Japanese hairstyles are the most ideal to represent your traits. It looks simply classy and lovely.

6. Chinese bride hairstyle

(Source: Pinterest)

Of course, last but definitely not the least, the Chinese hairstyle! It is simple but with class!

We hope that these hairstyles will help you standout during your wedding day!

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