6 Highly-Anticipated Korean Dramas to Watch This April


April is a month for K-Drama again! From Lee Min Ho’s newest K-Drama to much more! Let’s binge-watch these series and films while at home.


1. The King: Eternal Monarch

Even before its release, everyone is talking about The King starring by none other than one of Korea’s most eligible bachelor Lee Min Ho! The King revolves around the story of an emperor who tries to close the doors to a parallel world opened by demons who were unleashed by a deity into the human world!


2. Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation

This K-Drama is about an enthusiastic detective that tries to catch criminals in all possible way he can! Soon, the detective will work together with another enthusiastic PD pf a TV research program that catches criminals police couldn’t solve!


3. How to Buy a Friend

How to Buy a Friend is a drama about three high school students, an ordinary student pressured by his parents, a popular girl in school, and a guy who works for his living!


4. Extracurricular

This Netflix crime movie tells the story of a model high school student who turns to a life of crime to escape a dead-end life and pay for his College.


5. Model Detective

Model Detective is a race between people who want to uncover the truth and those who want to cover it up.


6. Born Again

After 32 years, a detective, his lover, and a serial killer have been reincarnated in the body of a prosecutor, a bone archaeology instructor, and a medical student.

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