6 Instagram Story Maker Apps that Will Boost Your IG Account!


Instagram is one of the most used social media apps. It is a great tool to showcase your beautiful photos, as well as your photography skills. Aside from boosting your feed, the Insta Story feature of the app is a way to let your followers know what you’ve been doing or what you’re up to in a particular day. Since we are in the world of IG, wherein every picture you post or put on your story matters, here are some exquisite Insta Story maker apps that will level up your every story.


1. Jane

When it comes to simple yet exquisite IG Story, Jane APP offers templates and movie features that can level up your boring Insta Story.


2. Story Art

With the more diverse theme of Story Art, you will surely never run out of templates to use. Whether you are up to the minimalist style, American color style or other special templates — plus a wide range of font styles — Story Art let you create your own style of Insta Story.


3. Canva

Canva is more than an app for making beautiful Insta Story (it features more than 60,000 templates to choose from) for it can also be used in creating beautiful mobile phone cover, electronic business card, invitation card, and more.

Install this app and play your creativity.


4. Story Maker

Another recommended Insta Story maker app that will boost your IG Story with its more than 5 templates including ocean wind, American style, color style, simple model, and more.


5. Insta Story

Aside from the beautiful templates, this app is also easy to use, making it perfect for those who want to create a very textured IG Story in a short time.


6. Adobe Spark Post

If you are fond of adding text and more special effects to your images, Adobe Spark Post, a mobile app from Adobe suits you! This app features a lot of templates, as well as diversified fonts and colors. As for the special effects, there is fade out, slide in, focus, and etc.


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