7 Animated Movies Hitting the Big Screen This 2019!


In less than a month we will be opening a brand new year! Are you excited to have a glimpse of 2019? Looks like our 2019 will be an epic one with these upcoming movies made for young ones and young at heart!

1. How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World

Just when Hiccup wanted to build a peaceful utopia, his dragon Toothless discovered an elusive companion the Light Fury. Inclined with the coming of the new dragon is a new antagonist! Hiccup will come to a decision uniting all the dragons and rides to save their home from destruction!

2. The Secret Life of PETS 2

The story continues of Max, his friends, and their secret life after we leave them for work or school each day!

3. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

In the city of Lyme where humans and pokemon co-exist, a teenager will team up with Pikachu to find his missing father!

4. Toy Story 4

Can you still recall who’s your favorite toy growing up? Bet you would love to meet the “Forky”—the new toy in Toy Story 4!


Dumbo is a young elephant gifted with oversized ears. Dumbo will save the circus from the bankruptcy by using his ears to fly! Sadly, Dumbo and his friends will accidentally discover the dark secret of the circus.

6. The Lion King

The 1994 classic Disney film “The Lion King” will finally come to live-action remake!

7. Aladdin

Another of Disney’s classic Aladdin will finally have its live-action remake too!

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