7 Horrifying Movies Sending Chills to Cinemas This 2019


If you want to lose weight, watch horror movies! Believe it or not, watching a 90-minute horror film is equivalent to an hour of walking! However, can you stand these terrifying films which are about to set on big screens this year? Ready yourself cause it’s going to be a spine chilling marathon!

1. Happy Death Day 2U (February 13)

Synopsis: Tree Gelbman found herself again stuck in a parallel universe where she must die over and over in the same hands of the psychopath wearing a mask who used to haunt her!

2. The Prodigy (February 28)

Synopsis: The young Miles starts to change and show signs of extreme intelligence that made his parents consult an expert only to find out the horrifying truth that their son is under the grip of an evil spirit!

3. Us (March 14)

Synopsis: From the director of “Get Out” comes to another thrilling horror film called “Us”! The story goes from a typical seaside holiday of a family turned into a bloody nightmare!

4. Pet Sematary (April 4)

Synopsis: When Dr. Louis Creed and his wife Rachel moved to Maine, they soon found a hidden cemetery in the woods, not so long near their place. When a tragedy occurred, Louis went to his neighbor Judd Kelan, a series of blood-curdling events start to happen!

5. The Curse of La Llorona (April 14)

Synopsis: A mother and her two kids are soon to face the wrath of La Llorona, also known as the Weeping Woman from Latin American folklore who lost her children and causes misfortune to others. Their only hope to survive is in the hands of a disillusioned priest.

6. Annabelle 3 (Tentative date: July)

Synopsis: The doll whom paranormal investigator couple Ed and Lorraine Warren kept in their artifacts room soon awakens other evil spirits that will terror the young couple’s daughter and her friends!

7. IT 2 (September 5)


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Synopsis: Pennywise is back and he will haunt the grown-ups of the Losers’ Club.

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