8 Cooking Mistakes We Need to Avoid To Stay Healthy!


Most of us love to cook! Don’t we? However, even we cook almost every day we are still unaware of the mistakes we commit when cooking. These mistakes come with long-term effects so watch out!


1. Adding the ingredients without draining the water

This is a very common bad cooking habit that we commit almost every time we cook! IT IS NOT SAFE FOR YOU! Water and oil can be stuck and oxidized forming particles that can damage your body!


2. Cooking after the oil starts to smoke

When the oil temperature reaches 200 °C or above, nutrients present in the food such as vitamin E, phospholipids, and unsaturated fats will easily be oxidized and the nutrients will be destroyed! If you want to try, you can just wait for the oil temperature to reach about 50% to 60% hot!


3. Frying using leftover oil

We A LOT of oil when deep-frying and since we only used it once, we think we can store it in another container for later use. Oil heated at high temperatures produces trans fat and toxic oxidation of fats ad oils. Carcinogen production will also likely increase dramatically!


4. Cooking on the same pan

Some fats stick to the pan and when heated again at a high temperature it may produce more harmful substances including carcinogens. Once the pot starts to cool down, quickly clean the pot!


5. Immediately turn off the cooking hood

We often turn off the cooking hood once we’re finish cooking. We suggest waiting about 10 to 15 minutes before turning off the cooker hood to fully absorb the cooking fume.


6. Cut and wash the veggies first

Some people usually cut the veggies first then rinse to avoid hassle when cooking. By doing this process, you’re also losing the nutrients! Vegetables that are left for too long the vitamins in those are easily damaged by oxidation.


7. The kitchen knife

Do you use the same knife for your raw and cooked foods? DON’T! Raw food may contaminate your knife with bacteria and parasites which can be transmitted to your cooked food if you use it. It is highly recommended to clean your chopping board and knife after use or use a separate knife for your cooked foods.


8. Cooking Hood

Cooking hood is important. It absorbs the oil fumes in our kitchen. These oil fumes if left unnoticed may irritate our body and even damage our respiratory system, studies have also shown that kitchen fumes contribute to lung cancer!

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