8 Easy and Nature-friendly Ways for a Dirt-free Kitchen


Kitchen is probably the most-used room in our house and it is indeed inevitable for the kitchen to get dirty. You cook here, the family eats here, even the most important events are done here. Hence, this place should be clean all the time. Learn the 8 basic tips on how to clean several things, naturally, and keep your kitchen free from dirt!


1. Tea stains in the cup

Tea that is left in the cup for a long time leaves stains that are difficult to remove by using only water and detergent. Well, you don’t need to waste too much water because stains can actually be removed using toothpaste and sponge! Simply squeeze toothpaste onto the sponge and wipe the part of the cup with stain.  


2. Chopping board 

The chopping board is used for slicing probably all ingredients that we use for cooking. However, cleaning it thoroughly is usually not a priority for those who cook. Some even think that washing it with water is enough. In fact, the odor and dirt left on the chopping board can be eradicated by lightly brushing it with lemon and fine salt. 


3. Kitchen Knife

Even those who do not cook knows that the knife is the most used kitchen utensil. Knives are cleaned using water and detergent, but to ensure its cleanliness, you can also wipe ginger or vinegar to the surface of the knife. That will remove its odor and taste obtained from other food.


4. Pot and pot lid

Cleaning the pot and its lid is very simple. Simply put water and a few drops of detergent in the pot, cover it, then let the water boil. The water vapor is the one that will eradicate the dirt. As for the sticky object at the bottom of the pot which is difficult to clean, apply baking soda and wrap it using plastic wrap over the night. Then the next day, all you have to do is wipe it with a rag and the oil stains shall be removed. 


5. Kitchen Sink

Is your kitchen sink smelly? Probably some smell left from raw materials such as meat and fish? Well, you can get rid of that smell by three easy steps. First, boil some grapefruits. Second, pour the boiled water to the sink. As for the dirt, you can wipe it with a cloth damped with vinegar. Lastly, wash the sink with clean tap water once done. 


6. Refrigerator odor

Various methods to remove the odor from the refrigerator is done by many. But do you know that putting toilet paper inside your refrigerator can also remove its unpleasant odor? You can try and be amazed by its effect!


7. Microwave oven

After being used frequently for a long time, the inner wall of the microwave oven will surely be filled with grease. To remove it, prepare a bowl of water, add a few drops of detergent, then microwave it for 3 minutes. Once done, you can easily wipe the grease in the inner wall using oil-absorbing paper.


8. Kitchen floor and walls

It seems a trivial part of the kitchen, but the kitchen floor and kitchen walls should also be kept clean like all the kitchen utensils used for cooking. However, it is difficult to do so especially if the grease or stain has been there for a long time. Save energy from brushing those stains and just mop (or wipe with a rag for the walls) them with water mixed with vinegar.

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