9 Restaurants Serving Ikan Bakar in Johor Bahru


Ikan Bakar, also known as grilled or burned fish, is a huge part of Malaysian food culture. The fish is roasted until it is tender enough, then served with special sweet and sour sauce. These two are always a perfect match! Now, let us discover the top 9 restaurants serving delicious Ikan Bakar in the entire Johor Bahru! 


1. 班兰星发铁板烧鱼


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The store has been in business for 26 years and since then been serving rich and tender grilled seafood! The sauce they pair it with is a special sauce made exclusively by the cook for a long time. It is colorful and flavorful! The video shall make your mouth water!

Location: 8,51, Jalan Loo Hong Joon, Kampung Baru Pandan, 81100, Johor

Hours: 6:30pm – 11:00pm


2. 燒魚莊

Having some difficulty in choosing what to eat for dinner? Then 燒魚莊 might solve your problem! Try the store’s signature dish, the double-flavored fish! You can taste two different flavors at the same time. No need to worry if you liked it too much, the store is open until midnight and is ready to serve you more! In addition, they also have other seafood choices for you~

Location: Jalan Austin Heights 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Hours: 7:30pm – 12:00mn; Closed on Sundays

Contact: 014-3149688 / 016-702 0824 


3. 烧鱼一流

Source: 烧鱼一流 / Facebook

Source: 烧鱼一流 / Facebook

Although the store is somehow hidden and not easy to find, people still explore the place in order to taste their delectable grilled or burned fish! Every dish is special and made more delicious by the special sambal sauce paired with each dish~

Location: Jalan Jumbo, Senai, Johor, Malaysia

Hours: Fri-Sun, 4:30pm – 9:00pm; Closed on Mondays to Thursdays


4. 大马小饭中心【源源铁板烧鱼49号】

Source: 大马小饭中心【源源铁板烧鱼49号】/ Facebook

Source: 大马小饭中心【源源铁板烧鱼49号】/ Facebook

Twenty-five (25) years is long enough to master the cravings of people of Johor Bahru when it comes to Ikan Bakar, and the store offers delectable burned fish! Their customers since then have been praising their dishes. Aside from Ikan Bakar, you can also enjoy other kinds of seafood such as Lala and shrimp! 

Location: 15, Jalan Badik 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050, Johor Bahru

Hours: 4:00pm – 11:00pm; Closed on Tuesdays

Contact: 016-754 5550


5. 香港仔富品烧鱼 Taman Johor Jaya

Source: 香港仔富品烧鱼 taman johor jaya / Facebook

Source: 香港仔富品烧鱼 taman johor jaya / Facebook

Treat your taste buds with very tender grilled fish paired with sweet and sour sauce when you come to 香港仔富品烧鱼! The fish stall’s most popular dish is Ikan Bakar, but you can also enjoy other delicious kinds of seafood such as crabs, shellfish, and of course lobsters! 

Location: 2, Jalan Dedap 22, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru 

Hours: 6:30pm – 12:30am

Contact: 012-709 9007


6. Ikan Bakar Tampin


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Fancy eating in a well-known seafood stall? Then visit Ikan Bakar Tampin! The ingredients they use are rest assured to be fresh and the sauces used have a unique taste! Many customers have come here because of that. There are other seafood available such as lala, squid, and many more~

Location: No. 94, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor

Hours: 5:00pm – 12:30pm; Closed every third Tuesday of the month


7. Gerai Ayong 海边阿荣饮食档


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Another stall selling Ikan Bakar is Gerai Ayong 海边阿荣饮食档, located near the Great Clock Tower in JB. Enjoy the combination of delicious grilled fish, sambal chili sauce, and lime juice!

Location: No Gerai 30, Selera Tepian Tebrau, Jalan Tengku Petri, Johor Bahru
Hours: 6:00pm – 12:00mn; Closed on Wednesdays


8. San Kee Ikan Bakar BBQ Seafood


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If you want juicy, tender, and aromatic dishes, then go to San Kee Ikan Bakar BBQ Seafood and try their fried and grilled seafood dishes! The store has, in fact, lots of positive reviews on the Internet, and it is highly recommended by its customers. Visit it now~

Location: Cedar Point Food Centre, Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru

Hours: 6:00pm to midnight


9. Gerai Tip Top B.B.Q


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If you are craving for more, then Gerai Tip Top B.B.Q is your place to go! Aside from the well-known Ikan Bakar that their loyal customers love, they also serve several crab dishes that are surely delectable! Even its appearance is already appetizing! 

Location: Gerai 11, Jalan Mohd Amid, Sri Gelam, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Hours:  3:00pm – 10:30pm; Closed on Mondays

Contact: 012-712 5480

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