[Promo Fare of the Year] AirAsia Offers Promo Fares at only RM29, RM49 to Langkawi!


Heads up, travelers! You won’t say no to this! AirAsia launches mid-year promo fares from now until May 19, you can book plane tickets from now until October 31 travel dates! Now, you can buy a ticket at a much lower price! What are you waiting for? Visit AirAsia’s official website to book airline tickets and give yourself a thrilling journey!


Lowest fare at only RM29 from now until May 19!

AirAsia holds a mid-year promotion from now until May 19! If you have a plan to have an amazing getaway before October 31, 2019, you shouldn’t miss this chance! The lowest fare is only RM29, plus discounts for both domestic and international flights!


Domestic flights to Langkawi for RM49 only

Kuala Lumpur — Johor Bahru One way ʀᴍ29 Round Trip 58

Kuala Lumpur — Penang One way ʀᴍ39 Round trip 78

Kuala Lumpur — Langkawi One way ʀᴍ49 Round trip 98

Kuala Lumpur – Kuching One way ʀᴍ79 Round trip 158

Kuala Lumpur — Sibu One-way ʀᴍ79 Round-trip ʀᴍ158

Kuala Lumpur — Miri One way ʀᴍ89 Round trip 178

Kuala Lumpur — Bintulu One way ʀᴍ89 Round trip 178

Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu One way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 238

Kuala Lumpur — Labuan One way ʀᴍ79 Round trip 158

Kuala Lumpur — Sandakan One way ʀᴍ 129 Round trip 258

Kuala Lumpur — Alor Setar ᴀᴏʀ 49 round trip ʀᴍ 98

Kuala Lumpur – Tawau One way ʀᴍ 149 back and forth 298

Kuala Lumpur — Kota Bharu ᴋʙʀ One way ʀᴍ 69 round trip 138

Kuala Lumpur KUL — Kuala Terengganu ᴛɢɢ One way ʀᴍ 49 back and forth ʀᴍ 98


The lowest international flight is only RM69!



Kuala Lumpur — Phuket One way ʀᴍ69 Round trip 192

Kuala Lumpur — Krabi One way ʀᴍ 69 round trip 145

Kuala Lumpur — Bangkok One way ʀᴍ 119 round trip 292



Kuala Lumpur — Perth One way ʀᴍ 299 back and forth 765

Kuala Lumpur — Melbourne One way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 1058

Kuala Lumpur — Sydney One way ʀᴍ 499 round trip 1144

Kuala Lumpur — Gold Coast One way ʀᴍ 399 round trip 942



Kuala Lumpur — Guangzhou One way ʀᴍ 289 back and forth 587

Kuala Lumpur — Chongqing one way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 827

Kuala Lumpur — Shanghai One Way ʀᴍ 419 Round trip 847

Kuala Lumpur — Beijing One way ʀᴍ 459 back and forth ʀᴍ 927

Kuala Lumpur — Hong Kong One way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 428

Kuala Lumpur — Macau One way ʀᴍ 169 back and forth 367



吉隆坡— 马尔代夫 单程ʀᴍ299 来回ʀᴍ737


Kuala Lumpur — Kaohsiung One way ʀᴍ219 Round trip 453

Kuala Lumpur — Taipei One Way ʀᴍ 259 Back and forth ʀᴍ533



Kuala Lumpur — Sapporo – New Chitose One way ʀᴍ 829

Kuala Lumpur — Osaka – Kansai One way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 861

Kuala Lumpur — Tokyo – Haneda One way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 887



Kuala Lumpur — Jeju Island One way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 630

Kuala Lumpur — Seoul One way ʀᴍ 359 round trip ʀᴍ 768

Kuala Lumpur — Busan One way ʀᴍ 319 round trip ʀᴍ670



Kuala Lumpur — Ho Chi Minh City One way ʀᴍ99 Round trip 271

Kuala Lumpur — Hanoi One way ʀᴍ 139 round trip ʀᴍ 380

Kuala Lumpur — Da Nang One way ʀᴍ ʀᴍ ʀᴍ 422

Kuala Lumpur — Nha Trang One way ʀᴍ 129 Round trip 290



Kuala Lumpur — Lombok One way ʀᴍ 129 round trip 287

Kuala Lumpur — Bali One way ʀᴍ 179 back and forth 393


AirAsia Mid Year Grand Sale

Booking date: now – 19 May 2019

Travel date: now – 31 October 2019

Booking site URL: www.airasia.com

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