Australia’s Largest Multi-sports Program – Ready Steady Go Kids is now in Johor Bahru!


Australia’s largest multi-sports program for preschoolers ⁠— Ready Steady Go Kids, has finally made its way to Johor Bahru! The physio-designed program started way back in 2004! Currently, the program conducts more than 1000 classes worldwide! This is the perfect opportunity to enroll your child today!

10 different sports for your child

Ready Steady Go Kids offers 10 different sports for kids such as athletics, basketball, rugby, tennis, cricket, hockey, soccer, golf, T-ball, and Australian football! Why multi-sports? Several studies have shown that multi-sports are able to  (i) reduce burnout and boredom of playing single sport for long period of time; (ii) prevent muscle overused and injuries; (iii) encourage skills transferred across sports and academic; (iv) improve children’s physical literacy and sports IQ; (v) build confidence in playing different sports; (vi) expose children to different roles in sports.

Cultivate Children’s Sports Interest in Different Age Groups

Ready Group (2.5 – 3 years), an introduction to sport in a fun, team-based, non-competitive environment. The concepts taught are basic and the time spent on each activity is limited in order to maintain the attention of students. Emphasis is placed upon the development of gross motor skills, listening skills, learning to take turns and following directions. At this age, parental involvement and assistance are required.

Steady Group (3 – 4 years), Participants are more easily able to listen to and follow instructions and as such a greater focus is placed upon the development of gross motor skills (through both locomotor and non-locomotor activities), fine motor skills (through hand-eye and foot-eye activities). A greater emphasis is placed upon the sport being covered each week. Further independence is encouraged at this stage and therefore parental involvement is not a requirement. 

Go Group (4 – 7 years), this group is more advanced with a significantly faster pace of teaching and more challenging activities introduced. Time is spent refining existing skills and there is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the sports covered in the program. Upon leaving the Go Group participants will be ready to actively participate in a variety of sports in primary school and beyond. Children will have gained confidence in their abilities and have a positive attitude towards being active and healthy.

Pure-English Sports Environment

Ready Steady Go Kids program is conducted in English which helps to develop and encourage children to improve on their communication skills. All the children who have participated in this course have a basic understanding of various sports programs, enhanced self-confidence, and strengthened the cultivation of various abilities. All coaches in Johor Bahru have either children’s education or sports coaching background. Besides, they are accredited by the Australian Sports as Level 1 Community Coach!

Child’s Safety Assurance

All the equipment used are imported from overseas countries such as United States, Australia, Taiwan, India, and Singapore because of the premium quality. Equipment used in the program are cleaned and disinfected once or twice a week to maintain its cleanliness as health and safety is the first priority of Ready Steady Go Kids!

Preschool Program, After School Class, Birthday Parties and Events!

Aside from weekend classes, Ready Steady Go Kids also offers a preschool program and after school classes, for kindergartens to give children more opportunities to cultivate their love for sports! During holidays, Ready Steady Go Kids hosts various holiday sports camps and activities that kids will definitely love! Throwing a sports-themed birthday party? No worries! Just contact them and they will make your child’s dream party come true!

Location: (Find the closest classes to you today!)

1.Sports Prima Pandan

2.EduCity Sports Complex

3.The Parenthood @ Toppen Shopping Mall (coming soon)


Contact Number: +6012-987 6250


IG: https://www/ 

*Sports Safari JB is the authorized company of Ready Steady Go Kids in Johor Bahru!

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