【 Best Practices and Precautions For Food Delivery During Covid-19 Pandemic . Keeps You and Your Family Safe! 】


With the implementation of the total lockdown, food delivery becomes a convenient choice for us to get our preferred meal. However, there is certain risk if we do not implement precautions when ordering food delivery. These are the best practices and precautions for food delivery that keeps you and your family safe!

Avoid direct contact with food delivery riders

When ordering food delivery, you can indicate or remind the food delivery riders to place your food at the door to avoid direct contact with the food delivery riders.

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Wash your hand after taking your food

Always wash your hands after taking the food into your house to prevent viruses and bacteria from attaching to your hands.

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Sterilize food packaging or containers

Don’t start eating immediately after receiving the food. First, wipe the surface of the food packaging bag or food container with a sanitizing wipe, and then wash your hands.

Reheat the food

If you are worried about whether there is virus on the food, you can reheat the food.

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Use your own food cutlery

It is recommended that you use your own food cutlery at home to avoid the risk of viruses or bacteria.

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Avoid cash transactions

To reduce the risk of exposure to viruses or bacteria, it is recommended that you choose online payment to complete the transaction.

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