Captivating Spots Best for a Photo Op in Melaka!


While some say that Instagram-worthy photos depend on your photo editing skills, still, the spot where it’s taken plays a big role. Why would you edit it to become attractive when in the first place the site is Instagrammable? With that, here are the top 3 photo-worthy spots where you can capture the best shots for your Instagram account!

1. Kiehl’s Heritage Mural

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A colorful and lively spot in Malacca that will surely add color to your feed! This geometric mural is aesthetically made by the artist named Fri Till Dea for the skincare brand Kiehl’s. It is inspired by the historical landmarks of Malacca: A Famosa Fort, Christ Church, and Kampung Kling Mosque.

2. Nomaps

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Nomaps is an old pre-war two-storey building that later turned into a backpacker’s lodge. It features a facade with colorful shutters and drapes which attract people to take photos—some Instagrammable shots.

3. Melaka Straits Mosque

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A 12-year-old church situated on the sea and near the reclamation area of Malacca, hence it is called the Floating Mosque. With its majestic look, especially once the sun paints the sky beautifully in sunset time, many passersby are attracted to it.


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