Dial 999 for Your Emergency Needs in Malaysia!


Who you should call when you have an emergency?

Emergency situations need quick responses! However, it is also during these situations that our mind becomes disoriented! When you do not know the police department hotline or the hospital, just simply call 999!

According to the news published by Sin Chew Daily, Malaysia now has a unified emergency hotline! Whether you’re calling the police, fire station, ambulance, or the civil defense unit, you can just call 999!


Keep calm and dial 999!

When calling 999, the most important thing to do is to stay as calm as possible. Usually, the operator answers the call within 10 seconds! After connecting, state clearly your information such as your name, incident (fire, accident, burglary, etc.), number of injured or sick people, and service required. The operator will then ask where the incident was taken place and your current location. If there are any obvious landmarks near the area you should tell them too for a quick response. After confirming all the details, the operator will connect you to the nearest relevant unit in your location. Once the connection is completed, the authorities will respond quickly to your emergency.

During critical situations, stay calm and dial 999!

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