Discover the Beauty and Foods of Bekok Village!


Bekok is an old-fashioned, sweet small town in the northern part of Johor with no loud vehicle sounds, no gigantic skyscrapers, no traffic, no commercial establishments. What, then, can be seen in Bekok? Well, they have old streets and several antique houses; indeed a place rich not with modern architectures but with a human touch! This is what makes Bekok unique from other famous tourist spots. Here is a guide on what to see and how to enjoy the best of Bekok. Enjoy your weekend together with your family, you can come to relax, unwind, and have peace of mind in this very tranquil village! 

You never have to worry about boredom because rest assured, every corner of the town hides a place that can awaken the adventurous and fun-loving side of yours!


1. Music of nature



Be mesmerized by the sound of flowing water accompanied by songs from the birds in this famous Sungai Bantang Waterfall. Hidden in the forest reserve, it is still an attraction to many because of its towering trees that freshen the air and provide shade for the visitors. One carefree jump from the cold waterfall and your worries and tiredness will also evaporate. Fish that are also swimming freely are visible in the clear water. As for nature-lovers who wants more than the water, you can walk into the woods and listen to the relaxing sound of nature. The birdsongs and streaming water are music to the ears. Good thing is, you don’t have to worry where to get food because bringing foods is allowed here, just make sure to keep the place clean. Having a family picnic in a place as relaxing as Sungai Bantang is just magnificent!


2. An ancient and train station  



First used on the 1st of July 1909, Bekok Railway station is indeed rich in history. Don’t forget your cameras because you would not want to miss the opportunity to capture the beauty of the old structure. In its eleven decades, the train has carried the dreams of people of Segamat and is surely left with thousands of memories. There are also train murals, footbridges, and a warehouse.


3. Residents work together to bring color to the murals


There are 20 murals of different sizes, from simple ones to those with 3D images such as waterfalls, trains, etc that can be found here. They bring color and beauty to the place. Most of them are made by local artists, but the residents here also volunteers to make each mural more attractive.


4. The Hakka Culture Museum


Are you an antique lover? Then you’ll surely like their museum filled with antiques that mirror the culture of the people. Malaysians are indeed blessed, manifested by the collection of old clocks, various types of vinyl, kitchen utensils, etc. This kind of establishments are built for the next generations to learn the life of their ancestors and for the culture not to be forgotten.

5. Travel through country roads

Since Bokek is not a place with heavy traffic, enjoying a bicycle ride is very possible. Grab your bike and tour the small town on their old streets. With the cool breeze of the air and speed of your ride, you can be like a child again!

6. The view of the starry sky 

The majestic view of the sky in the night always succeeds to make almost anyone calm and even happy, especially if the sky is illuminated with millions of stars. Star-gazing is also a great thing to do in this place!

Part of the starry sky is taken by David Lee


Looking for places to eat? Here are four suggestions for you!

1. 南开咖啡店



Have a taste of the traditional breakfast here at this 74-year-old cafe called Nankai Coffee Shop. Each day, the shop serves freshly brewed coffee that is manually ground, giving it its aroma that wakes your spirit in the cold morning. Match the hot coffee with their variety of bread and rice meals and you’re ready for another day full of adventure!

Location: 59, Jalan Gunung, 86500 Bekok Johor

Business hours: 5:30am-4pm


2. 老友记云吞面

老友记云吞面, which translates to “friends of the wonton noodles,” has been serving wonton noodles for more than 5 decades. They are famous for their homemade noodles, eaten especially with delicious charcoal-burned pork. 

Location: E4, Jalan Hoe Peng, Kampung Bekok, 86500 Bekok

Business hours: 6:45am-1:30pm


3. Zhongxing Tea Restaurant


After breakfast, of course, you’ll be hungry again during lunch and dinnertime and Zhongxing Tea Restaurant is the perfect place to go. Every visitor must try their special fried scallions, which must be served hot to taste its crispness. In addition to fried scallions, they also serve a variety of lunch meals that will satisfy your hunger.

Location: 3, Jalan Salan Station, 86500 Bekok, Johor

Business hours: 5pm-11am (every Monday break)


4. Kaiquan ABC

Walking under the bright sun during the summer is easily exhausting, that makes Kaiquan ABC perfect to chill your exhausted body and release the heat.

Location: 2, Jalan Gulong, 86500 Bekok, Johor

Business hours: 11:30am- 8:00pm

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