【 Dragon Boat Festival is Coming! 】Check out 7 Zongzi (Sticky Rice Dumplings) Stores in Johor Bahru that will Satisfy Your Taste Buds!


When it comes to the Dragon Boat Festival, Zongzi (sticky rice dumplings) is a tasty delicacy that can’t be missed! Are you also looking for shops that sells zongzi (sticky rice dumplings)? No worries! Read more to know these 7 zongzi stores in Johor Bahru that sells a variety of zongzi!


1.Grandma ONG

Grandma ONG has collaborated with Hock Wong to launch a sticky rich dumplings gift box! The Hong Wong salted egg sticky rice dumplings are made of fresh ingredients and it combines perfectly with the Grandma ONG specially-made dried shrimp chilli!


Order from Shopee:Click here


2.Ah Ong Bak Zhang

The sticky rice dumplings here are wrapped in banana leaves instead of reed leaves! They also use secret spices and secret recipe to cook their sticky rice dumplings, which make their sticky rice dumplings taste unique! 



3.Sin Ka Tong

This is a very popular zongzi store in Johor Bahru! They launched 11 types of zongzi this year, let’s buy them all and taste each flavor! 

Order from WhatsApp:https://wa.link/memqws

Order from official website:https://www.sinkatongricedumpling.com


4.Siew Nyonya Traditional Food

Siew Nyonya Traditional Food launched so many types of zongzi this year, which includes the “five spices vegetarian zongzi’ !

Contact:+6011 10810019 Annu

+6016-757 5899 Liang 

+6016-7601181 Siew


5.Dong Hong Traditional Kueh

Dong Hong Traditional Kueh is famous for its various type of kueh. They also sell zongzi when Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner! 




Yong Sheng Gift Shop launched 10 flavours of sticky rice dumplings which included King Dumpling and Nyonya Pandan Coconut Dumpling!

Contact:+60 18-968 3362

WhatsApp:https://wa.link/f3saqb (Jasmine)


7.Juice Bento

Beside traditional salted egg zongzi, you should try the sambal flavour zongzi here! Juice Bento also sells brown rice dumpling and vegetarian sticky rice dumpling!

Contact:+6012-919 6475




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