Tasik Pepsi Blue, Rusila: The Legendary Blue Lake in Kemaman Terengganu


Fancy Australia’s famous “Blue Lake”? Well, you don’t have to, folks! Why? Simply because Malaysia has an exceptionally beautiful blue lake located in the town of Bukit Ibam!

Spectacular scenery surrounding the Blue Lake!

What makes this lake even more spectacular is the view of azure sky with white clouds and the beautiful scenery surrounding the clear blue lake. Not to mention the astounding reflection of the sky in the lake! Soooo breathtaking!

A perfect place to relax and to take picturesque shots!

With its picturesque scenery, this lake indeed serves as a perfect place for snapping some photos, which deserve spots in your Instagram feed! No wonder there are a lot of people who travel and are dying to go here.


Tasik Pepsi Blue, rusila

Location: Tasik Biru Seberang Tayor, Kemaman (check location using Waze or Google Maps)

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