Exploring the Wilderness Inside the Haunted Villa Nabila!


Since Halloween is just around the corner, many spooky films and stories are beginning to send our spines some chills! Speaking of which, for sure a lot of us are aware of the most famous haunted place not just here in Johor but also in Asia! Do you know? Do you know the infamous Villa Nabila?

Villa Nabila rumors

Villa Nabila was listed as one of the most haunted places in Asia! This house was abandoned for nearly 40 years and aside from the vines and trees, it is also surrounded by different spooky rumors like:

* Nabila and the family were living a very harmonious life. Unfortunately, the father faced bankruptcy and killed all the people in their house before committing suicide.

* After the death of her parents, Nabila inherited a great fortune. The live-in maid caring for Nabila became greedy and killed the poor child and cemented her on one of the walls of the villa.

* Nabila’s family were robbed inside the house and was brutally killed. Nabila, being an only child, was raped before she got killed and cemented on the walls of the house.

* The father of the owner of the house faced debt, unable to handle the situation, he killed the whole family and took his own life.

* The former name of the house was “Christine Palace”. It was own by a rich businessman. During the construction of the villa, he promised his 6 siblings that he will divide the ownership of the land among them. When he wasn’t able to fulfill his promise, one of the siblings sent a killer to the house and killed the whole family.

(All the information above came from various online sources)

Teenage went missing after entering Villa Nabila

Remember what happened last 2013 when a boy went inside the house and was reported missing? This news was a big hit back then spreading from cities to cities. However, the news was refuted by the police when they found out that the kid was not missing but in fact went overnight at his girlfriend’s house! Despite the fact that the rumor was nothing but fake, authorities still advise avoiding entering the premises for safety measures.

Current status of the Villa? It is now a stray dog shelter!

Villa Nabila is a huge bungalow surrounded by weeds and dense trees. From its gloomy look, it is now transformed into a shelter for homeless dogs! This initiative started last 2017. At present, the founder and chairman of Johor Animal Rescue Association manage the villa with more than 200 rescued dogs! To know more about the villa, you can watch its adaption film in 2015!

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