Cong Yin Noodle: From Ipoh Garden South to Johor Bahru


Have you heard about the infamous pork noodle house in Ipoh South Garden, which has a literal translation of Scholar’s Noodles? The name might give you an idea that this noodle is probably for scholars only, but no, it’s for all. And this pork noodle shop that I’m talking about is, yeah, none other than Cong Yin Noodles (CY Noodles)!

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Cong Yin Noodle serves up hearty pork noodle soup with slices of pork and pig’s liver, an ample chunk of minced pork patty, dried bamboo fungus, translucent glass noodles and bits of lard fritters. Enough to make a noodle dish that will surely keep you coming back for more.

Not surprising that even the Malaysian Miss Earth candidates also visited this noodle house to grab a bowl of savory pork noodles!

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Cong Yin Noodle at Johor Bahru!

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Can’t make it to Ipoh? Good thing, Cong Yin Noodle is setting up a branch in Johor Bahru!

You can now grab a bowl of sumptuous pork noodles without traveling further! In addition, this noodle can also be enjoyed for only RM8 per bowl. Surely you want to savor a flavorful noodles, right?


东南咖啡店: Kopitiam ‘Tong Nam

Location: 01, Jalan Indah 16/6, Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru


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