Find Cheap Flights Faster with Google Flights!


What makes traveling sometimes a hassle is looking for a cheap air ticket. If you are one of those who check airline sites one by one, silently waiting that a cheaper plane ticket might appear then here’s a piece of good news! Google Flights lets you find cheap plane tickets faster!

Google Flights brings together flight prices and times from many airlines, including Malaysia Airlines, Malindo, Scoot, Singapore AirLine, and more. With Google Flights, you can be able to check flights from various airlines on one website! No need to check each airline sites to find for a cheaper plane ticket.


Here are the easy steps:

Step 1: Click the link:


Step 2: Select one way, round trip or multiple cities.


Step 3: Choose your starting point and destination.


Step 4: Select the cabin, number of people and date.


Step 5: After pressing the Search button, the system will sort out the time and airfare of each airline based on your information.


Step 6: Click in the flight time you want, the system will take you to the airline, and you will directly buy tickets at the company!

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