Bring the Whole Family to Firefly Valley Leisure Park, An Awesome Family-Friendly Destination in Kota Tinggi!



There’s nothing like watching the dancing fireflies and having a picnic with friends or family. The Firefly Valley Leisure Park is located just about 3km after the junction of the road to Kota Tinggi Town and Kota Tinggi Bypass road, an absolutely great place to spend time watching fireflies with your loved ones!

Let’s go and see what’s inside this park.



We cannot deny that Kota Tinggi is rich in natural resources, greeneries, and water resources. It’s an ideal place to relax and escape from the toxic city. The Firefly Village Leisure Park offers a wide picnic area for families and friends. Here, you can watch a thousand fireflies under the dark sky and million shining stars. No wonder many tourists are attracted to this park.

The park offers firefly trip, mini farm, and dinner package. Kids and adults will surely have a great time visiting the park.

Get close to the adorable animals at the mini zoo.



Aren’t those cute animals adorable? You’ll see many adorable animals here, such as rabbits, goats, fish, turtles, and more! In fact, there’s farm surrounded by water that is called Love Island. You need to walk across the timber bridge to reach the Rabbit’s Farm and see the cute rabbits.

Hungry? Don’t worry, you can fill your tummy with delicious food.


There’s a dining area located on the right side of the Love Island. It provides yummy delicious dinner like barbecue, hot pot, and Chinese dishes. You can indulge in savory meals for as low as RM18.90!

Admire the wonderful fireflies!


After a day full of fun and adventure and stomach-filling food, it’s time to get a glimpse of the mesmerizing fireflies. You can choose to take a walk in the mangrove forest or ride a boat provided by the park to enjoy the sparkling fireflies.

Thousands of fireflies lighten up the river


Visitors can clearly see the shining fireflies in the trees like a natural Christmas tree lightened up by Christmas lights!

Enjoy a night camping with friends!



Having so much fun that you don’t want to leave yet? The park also offers a two-day camping package so that you can truly have a wonderful time at the park. What’s more interesting is, you can stay here at affordable prices. Adults only need to pay RM110 and children under 12 years old only need to pay RM90.

The package includes:

  1. Western-style breakfast
  2. Self-service lunch / Barbecue for dinner
  3. Mini Farm
  4. Field study
  5. Camping tents
  6. Firely watching


The fairytale-like park and mesmerizing views of the thousands of fireflies are not complete without writing a wish into the lanterns and letting them fly into the dark sky.

Firefly Valley Leisure Park


Take a break from the busy city, bring the whole family and come to Firefly Village Leisure Park!

Location: Jalan By-pass Kota Tinggi, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor

Contact No.: Mrs. Tan 0127896224


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