Food and Entertainment Stores to Look Forward in Toppen Shopping Centre


This 13th of November (Wednesday), Toppen Shopping Centre is about to officially open its door to the public! It is built by IKEA SOUTHEAST ASIA and is one of the anticipated shopping malls in Johor Bahru.

Let us take a look at the food and entertainment stores that await you at Toppen Shopping Centre!


Must-Go Food Stalls

Absolute Thai

Location: L1.49



Location: L2.K07C


Alibaba & Nyonya

Location: L1.47


Ba Wang Cha Ji 霸王茶姬

Location: L1.K05


Bar BQ Plaza

Location: L1.12


Black Canyon

Location: L2.113A


Boost Juice Bars

Location: L.K19


Botanicus Praque Cafe

Location: L1.K01


Burger King

Location: L2.59


Casswa Tit Bits

Location: L.06



Location: L2.57



Location: L2.112



Location: L2.K06B


CREPE ‘n’ San Churros

Location: L2.K07A



Location: L2.K06D



Location: L2.106


Dum Dum Authentic Thai Tea

Location: G.K03A


Dunkin’ Donuts

Location: L2.K02


Eastern Delights

Location: G.K12b


Empire Sushi

Location: L2.62


Fish & Co.

Location: L1.02


Food Empire

Location: L3.26


Gogirou Korean BBQ

Location: L1.13



Location: L1.50


Hock Kee Restaurant & Cafe

Location: L3.16


I Love Yoo!

Location: L2.05



Location: L2.K06A


Itai Ramen

Location: L3.27


Jia Yi Milk Tea

Location: L3.10


Johnny’s Restaurant



Juice Works

Location: L2.K01



Location: L2.K10A


Kafe Kiri Kanan

Location: L2.93


KFC Malaysia



Koong Woh Tong

Location: G.26


Kyochon 1991

Location: L1.101


Lemon Tree

Location: L3.08


Maison au choux 泡芙

Location: G.K02



Location: G.K07



Location: L2.01


Molten Chocolate

Location: L3.28


Mr. Dakgalbi

Location: L3.09


OldTown White Coffee

Location: L3.07


Oppadak & Ice Dream

Location: L3.06


Penang Chendul

Location: G.K08


Pizza Hut Restaurants

Location: L2.61


Pre-Tea Q

Location: L2.K03


Roasted Chestnut

Location: G.K16


Salon Du Chocolat

Location: L1.05



Location: L3.19


Season Bakery

Location: L1.51


Seoul Garden

Location: L2.101


Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

Location: L1.03


Shanghai Red

Location: L3.22


Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Location: L3.11


Simply Enak

Location: L2.03


Siong Tong Gai

Location: L1.13A



Location: L1.52



Location: L2.63


Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles

Location: L2.03A


Taste of Georgetown

Location: L3.31



Location: G.K05


Texas Chicken

Location: L2.118


The Chicken Rice Soup

Location: L2.102


Major brands you need to see!

1. High-end supermarket Ben’s Independent Grocer

Ben’s Independent Grocer (BIG) is a world-class supermarket known for providing household items including fresh food, baked goods, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, seafood, organic food, and bread.


2. The first e-sport-ready venue The Pantheon

The Pantheon, Malaysia’s first NVIDIA ICAFE Platinum-certified e-sport-ready venue, will also officially open in Toppen Shopping Centre! Thus, enabling people of Johor Bahru to play e-sport with the best equipment and components.


3. TGV Cinemas

Aside from the mentioned brands, there is also a lot more stores that you must not miss! Stay tuned to JOHOR NOW as bring the updated news to you!

Facebook: Toppen Shopping Centre

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