【 Full Lockdown will be Divided into 3 Phases! What’s the Difference Between These Phases? 】


The government announced that the nationwide full lockdown will be implemented from June 1st, and it will be divided into three phases. Let’s understand the concept of these three phases together!

The first phase of the total lockdown: 2 weeks

Except for basic economic and service sectors, all industries are not allowed to operate.

The second phase of the total lockdown: 4 weeks

Certain economic sectors are allowed to reopen, but large-scale group activities are still not allowed and personal distance must be maintained.

The third phase of the total blockade

Almost all areas of the economy can operate, but must strictly abide by standard operating procedures (SOP), including limiting the number of people working in the company and prohibiting social activities.

The duration of all stages will be finalized according to the situation of the epidemic.

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