【 6 Hotpots Delivery in Johor Bahru · Hotpots Delivered to Your Doorstep with Just a Phone Call! 】


Craving for hotpot but can’t go out because of MCO? There are now many hot pot restaurants that offer delivery services! Enjoy your hotpot at home with just a phone call!

1.Hoho Steamboat

There are different matching options of menu here to choose from, and there are 2 kinds of soup bases, each of which is worth trying! In addition, the merchants also launched MCO 3.0 promotional activities. Anyone who booked a delivery package during the movement control order can purchase a box of pork belly with Rm10 and any soup base at Rm5!

【 Hoho Steamboat BUKIT INDAH (main branch in JB) 】

Contact: https://wa.me/601128607117

【 Hoho Steamboat SOUTHKEY 】

Contact: https://wa.me/60167727822

【 Hoho Steamboat MOUNT AUSTIN 】


2. Shudaxia HotPot

Shudaxia Hotpot, which often has long queues, also provides delivery service! There is no need to wait in line for your hotpot! Just order the hot pot and ingredients, and they will be delivered to your home within 1 hour after the remittance! There is also a special promotion now, which is customers in the designated area can get a free Iberian black pork after spending RM100! You could also rent their faucet pot if you want to.


Delivery platforms: Foodpanda、GrabFood、Hungry

3.Good Family Steamboat

Good Family Steamboat is also one of the most popular Hong Kong-style hotpots in Johor Bahru. It also provides take-out and delivery services during the MCO period. You could enjoy the addictive sea tide soup, rich tomato soup, fresh meat slices and so one with the comfort of your own home. You can order hotpot meals through their official website, and the delivery fee is free for any area within 15km of spending over rm100!

【 Molek branch 】


【 Pelangi branch 】


Official Website:https://goodfamilyonlinestore.com/pages/hotpotfodelivery

4.Big Boss Hotpot

Big boss Hotpot prepares as many as 24 kinds of ingredients and pots to your doorstep! As long as you book in advance, it can be delivered to your door no matter it’s morning or evening, or even midnight!


5.Xiaofeixia Hotpot

 Just place an order in simple steps, and Xiaofeixia steamboat will be delivered to your door! The ingredients are always fresh and delicious! Even the handmade yong tofu in the set menu is freshly brewed every day! All packages include all hot pot essentials, even disposable tableware and wet tissues!


Place Order:https://bit.ly/2wC1r1N 

6.Lao Jia Hot Pot Restaurant

Lao Jia Hot Pot offers up to 10 hot pot soup bases and hundreds of hot pot dishes to choose from! In addition, the lamb belly and curry fish head are also worth a try!


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