Indulge in a Variety of Food Choices at Trus Noodle House in Johor Bahru


If you are looking for a dining spot complete with meals you needed for breakfast and lunch, then you can find those in a restaurant in Chinatown called Trus Noodle House. They offer a variety of food choices, mostly traditional and authentic local cuisine. Let us visit the restaurant and discover what can we enjoy at this restaurant!


Here are some of the dishes you can enjoy: 


Our source of energy in the morning — toast! 

Just two pieces of toast and a cup of coffee is enough to start a day for some. Here in Johor Bahru, it is a fave of many foodies, especially toast with different fillings. Some of the flavors are peanut butter, coconut butter, mayonnaise, eggs, ham, cheese, vegetables, and meat slices. Almost any kind of sandwich you request is available.


Traditional breakfasts: Mee Siam

A popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia is Mee Siam, a dish of thin rice vermicelli, is also a great traditional breakfast! It becomes more delectable when paired with eggs or fried chicken! Other traditional breakfast choices include fried rice, fried noodles, and many more.


Different kinds of Pasta

For some, pasta is also a great breakfast. That is why they also offer a variety of pasta choices for us. One of the must-try dishes is Kimchi Wonton, which spicy lovers will surely love. The noodles and vegetables and other ingredients used for their dishes are guaranteed fresh and in good quality. 


Johor Bahru’s fave Nasi Lemak! 

The combination of a savory fried chicken and coconut rice will always be close to the hearts of the foodies of Johor Bahru. The fragrant rice is very appetizing, paired with crispy chicken legs dipped in their special sambal sauce. The meal is completed by the side dishes including sunny-side-up eggs and vegetables! Yum!


To complete the food trip — desserts!

Who would forget desserts? No one! The store also serves sweet desserts such as sweetened fruits, fish sticks, red bean ice, and many desserts with ice! Finish with something cold or sweet and you’ll surely be happy and satisfied once you step outside the restaurant!


Trus Noodle House

Location: No. 128, Jalan Trus Johor Bahru 80000

Business Hours: 7:30am – 4:30pm

Contact: 016-760 9162

Facebook Page:

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