【 50% Discount For Traffic Summons via MyBayar Saman! Now till July 18! 】


The summons discount is back! From today until July 18, the police are offering discount up to 50% on traffic summonses paid through the MyBayar Saman portal and application!

Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) director Datuk Azisman Alias disclosed in a statement today that, public can enjoy 50% discount by paying traffic summons online through MyBayar Saman. Discounts are available for all specified types of summons, including summons that have been blacklisted.

However, this discount does not apply to pending summonses or serious offences committed this year, as well as offences involving heavy vehicles or exhaust modifications.

He also said that the MyBayar Saman app has been upgraded so that companies and business entities can register as users and also pay summons online. The public can browse the website https://mybayar.rmp.gov.my and register as a user of the MyBayar Saman platform. Mobile users can download the application through the Google playstore, Apple App store, and Huawei Gallery.

As part of the pandemic prevention measures, all service counters at the police contingent and district headquarters across the country will also be temporarily closed during this discount campaign period. The police also hope that summons discounts can help the public pay off their outstanding fines during this pandemic.

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