Malaysiakini Launches Live Tracking Website of COVID-19


With 110 new cases of coronavirus as reported on March 19, the total number of confirmed cases jumped to 900, which makes Malaysia have the fourth highest number of COVID-19 cases in Asia, following China, Iran, and South Korea.

With this, Malaysiakini has launched a tracking website that enables people to stay updated about the latest news, the number of confirmed patients, and the locations where the patients have been diagnosed.

Click: Malaysianiki COVID-19 Information Website


Daily update on COVID-19

The information sheet includes:

  1. Total confirmed cases in Malaysia
  2. The latest announcement from government agencies
  3. Number of confirmed cases and in treatment in Malaysia
  4. Number of confirmed cases and in treatment by the state
  5. Telephone numbers and opening hours of the state health ministries
  6. Maps and lists of locations where patients have been diagnosed (all locations have been disinfected)


COVID-19 Outbreak Live Updates

In addition to the COVID-19 tracking website of Malaysianiki, the public can also track the development of the coronavirus in Malaysia through In this website, the public will be provided with real-time updates regarding the coronavirus. The website is available in three (3) languages: English, Malay, and Chinese.

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