Malaysian Ministry of Health Launches Online Testing Site for COVID-19


As the coronavirus continues its tour around the world, with 900 confirmed cases in Malaysia as of Thursday (March 19), the Health Ministry in collaboration with hospitals and private medical providers has launched an online testing website. This allows the public to know whether they have the possibility of developing the coronavirus by answering the following questions.



How to know if you have the possibility of developing the COVID-19

Respondents must provide their age and answer 6 questions with regards to whether they show symptoms such as fever, sore throat and so on. Once done, the respondent can choose to receive the latest news about the coronavirus pandemic or skip this procedure directly. The system will display the health status based on your provided information.


COVID-19 Outbreak Live Updates

In addition, the public can also track the development of the coronavirus in Malaysia through  In this website, the public will be provided with real-time updates regarding the coronavirus. The website is available in three (3) languages: English, Malay, and Chinese.

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