Mee Siput: The Infamous Snack That Dominates Muar


Muar is an incredibly beautiful place to discover and explore its historical features, coffee and most importantly (for us foodies) the food! Speaking of which, have you heard the Mee Siput? It is the most talked about snack now in Muar! If you’ve been in Muar and you haven’t had a taste of it, well you SHOULD go back!

Origin of the crunchy Mee Siput

Mee Siput is an old school snack, literally as it began to popularized on school during the early days of Muar. It is made from flour shaped-like noodle and best serve with sauce! Most of the locals considered Mere Siput like the famous snack “MAMEE”.

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Mee siput is widely love by people of all ages!

New taste with sambal sauce

Mee Siput is originally bland in taste, so why it is very popular if it taste like nothing? It’s all in the sauce, the sambal sauce!

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Crunchy bits of Mee Siput paired with spicy sambal sauce, why would you not going to love it?

Innovative taste open new businesses for people

Due to insistent public demand, locals began creating their own version of Mee Siput and its sauce.

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For people who isn’t a fan of spicy thingy, they now have sweet sauce!

Places to find Mee Siput

In case you haven’t had your first bite of the infamous Mee Siput, here’s the places you wanna check out

1. Ah Lai Rojak

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This mainly sells rojak, but they also add Mee Siput on their menu (and it worked out!).

Location: 185, Jalan Ismail, Taman Bakariah, 84000 Muar, Johor

GPS Landmarks: N2.047381, E102.554166

Business hours: 11:00AM – 5:00PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

2. 黄金丹绒海边

People say that it is located in Tanjung Emas Muar, so in case you stumble into it, let us know so we can enjoy their Mee Siput together!

3. Rojak Sungai Abong

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Something healthy? Look no further than having a vegetarian Mee Siput!

Location: Jalan Sg. Abong (Residence)

* Opposite electrical tower

Business Hours: 11:30AM – 5:30PM (closed on Wednesdays)

GPS Landmarks: 2.058778, 102.5875

4. 麻坡火辣辣Mee Siput

Image Credit: 麻坡火辣辣Mee Siput Facebook

When you want to eat this popular snack but ono time to visit Muar, you can just visit this page or give them a call! They provide delivery on designated locations so everyone can enjoy their best tasting Mee Siput!

Facebook Page:

Contact Number: 012-628 9920

Business Hours: 11AM – 5:30PM (Closed on Mondays)

Make your marvelling around Muar a worthwhile endeavor by munching a spicy or sweet or the original Mee Siput!

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