The Most Sought-After Food Shops You Can Find in R&F Shopping Mall


Don’t stay at home on weekends! Go out and walk around! R&F Mall now have additional gourmet restaurants for crazy foodies like us! Whether you’re looking for local flavors, Japanese food, western food, dessert snacks, etc., you can find them here! So, make sure your tummy is ready for all the delish food you can find in this mall!


1. Kyochon Malaysia


Korean fried chicken charm is irresistible! The first KyoChon Bridge village fried chicken in South Malaysia has officially opened last May 30 at R&F Mall JB in R&F Plaza! In addition to the garlic-flavored fried chicken which is their best-seller, the Korean-style spicy sauce and honey taste great too, and the store uses the method of instant-cooking to keep the freshness. The chicken is delicious and so tasty! So, better to postpone your diet routine first and let’s pig out today!

Address: L1-115


2. Old Town

Old Town, a well-known restaurant chain in Malaysia, can also be found in R&F Mall JB in R&F Plaza! If you want to have a cup of coffee that is mild and fragrant, then you must come to Old Town to  satisfy your cravings. Try their popular Kaya Toast and you won’t regret it!

Address: G-009


3. 鹿角巷 The Alley Malaysia

This shop’s homemade brown sugar deer pill fresh milk has rich taste, sweet but not greasy! No wonder every day there are so many people coming here! Their Aurora series Royal 9 series have been winning many people’s hearts. Next time you come to R&F Square, don’t forget to take a cup of The Alley drink and walk around!

Address: G153-154


4. TIP, The Ice-Cream Project

Now you don’t have to go to the old street to taste TIP ice cream at R&F Plaza! The Ice-Cream Project, a popular ice cream shop, uses liquid nitrogen Liquid Nitrogen to produce freshly baked ice cream directly on the spot. Signature flavors include Brownie & Cream, fragrant matcha, sweet, and not greasy Raspberry Granola, Rocher Fudge, etc., paired with crispy Waffle, adults and children are full of praise!

Address: L1-106



Tired of the ordinary bread + KAYA breakfast, then come to the grizzly bear BELLY BAR and try their new desktop breakfast! You can’t miss their Porter’s Mushrooms sandwiches, and the secret sauces which make the sandwich flavor and even more delicious. If you are not used to sandwiches, then try their crispy onion burritos, the crispy crust and the thick sage to experience the multi-layered taste, the more you eat, the more you can’t stop!

Address: L1-103


6. Samurai Ramen UMAMI Premium

This Japanese vegetarian restaurant, Samurai Ramen, offers  exquisite vegetarian cuisine with additional seasoning, no MSG, no chemical flavoring, no alcohol, and artificial coloring. The decor is elegant, but the price is just so right! Vegetarian friends are rushing to come here to punch cards!

Address: L1-105


7. 沸腾烤鱼


If you have a special liking for heavy flavors, be sure to try the boiled fish with an exclusive Chinese taste! The store carefully selects high-quality ingredients and combines the three cooking methods of pickling, roasting and stewing to produce grilled fish with Chinese flavor. The fresh fish with spicy and refreshing taste is so enjoyable!

Address: G-144 & G-145


8. Madden Wagyu Seafood Fish Porridge Matang Seafood

The Madden Wah Seafood Fish Porridge, famous for its seafood, also opened a branch at R&F Mall JB in R&F Plaza! You must taste their own corrugated seafood porridge, with rich seafood ingredients such as crab, shrimp, Su Dong, fish, ribbon, etc.Trust us, it has a super good taste! If you don’t want to eat porridge, you can also choose to eat vegetables, all kinds of steamed, fried, salted to ensure that your appetite is wide open!

Address: G-148 & G-149


9. Xinglong Health and Life Cream

I believe everyone will see this turtle cream in the major coffee shops or restaurants in Johor Bahru. Xinglong Health Tonami Cream is well distributed in Johor Bahru, with more than 30 nationwide! Now, the first physical store is at R&F Mall JB in Johor Bahru! Xinglong Yangsheng Guiling Cream is made from a variety of Chinese herbal medicine and ingredients. Their family’s turtle-age cream does not use any sugar at all. The sweetness naturally comes from the traditional Chinese medicine itself. It is suitable for all ages! Diabetic patients can also eat it~

Address: L1-104


10. D’Shanghai

D’Shanghai is famous for its exquisite delicious snacks, sells dim sum, intestines, soup, and congee. The taste of their food is moderate, the milk is rich, and the multiple tastes make people fall in love with it over and over again!

Address: G-114 -116


11. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Malaysia

If you love coffee, you must know The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! When you are tired of shopping, come here to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea. Apart from selling a variety of different coffee, chocolate, tea and other non-caffeine drinks, as well as cakes, bread, sandwiches, the dishes are quite diverse!

Address: G-111 – 113


12. Shilin Taiwan

If you want to eat authentic Taiwanese food in Malaysia, then the Shilin Taiwanese snacks that can be easily found in major shopping malls should be on your list! We are really fascinated by the oversized chickens in their homes. It is crispy and delicious, and it is served with snacks such as quiche, sweet and sour sweet potato or sweet and spicy, and get a meal~

Address: L2-060


13. Vivo Pizza

The well-known American restaurant chain “Vivo Pizza” has finally arrived in R&F Mall JB in R&F Plaza. Are you ready to eat food and punch? The spacious and bright dining space is decorated with green plants. It has an indoor dining environment, beautiful decorative walls or elegant seating, and full of fresh and natural texture. Every corner has a natural scene. Whether it’s oriental risotto or cheese five-day pizza, lunch dinner is here to solve it!

Address: G-017 & G-018


R&F Mall JB

Address: Jalan Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Time: 10AM-10PM



Parking Guide:

*First 2 hours free parking*

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