New Transport Policies to be Implemented in 2020


A few more sleep and it’s already 2020! And do you know that this upcoming year is an important year for Malaysia? In 1991, the fourth and current Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad announced Vision 2020, a political policy which states that Malaysia’s aim is to become a fully-developed country after almost 30 years. And 2020 is now here! Everyone wants a fresh and peaceful start of the year, right? In line with Vision 2020, Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport and other departments have introduced a list of new transport policies to be implemented starting 2020. Vehicle owners and public drivers, this is indeed important for you to remember.


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1. No traffic tickets mean a discount on car insurance

If you did not get any traffic tickets within the whole year, you will get a discount when you pay the car insurance premium. Fair enough? Of course! You should really start avoiding any violations now.


2. Person seating at the back seat should also wear seat belts

Pay attention, drivers! Starting January 1, 2020, the driver and all passengers, including the ones on the back seat, should fasten their seat belts at all times. Otherwise, the passenger will be fined RM300. If that passenger is underage, the driver will be fined. 


3. Child safety car seats will be required

Of course, this policy will only apply to those who have children riding with them inside the car. To ensure the safety of the child, he/she must seat in a child safety seat. Also, take note that it should comply with the European EN ECE R44/04 and ECE R129. For safety measures, Only seats displaying the European Standard orange label may be used by children.


4. 62 toll stations are now accepting payments through RFID 

From January 1, 2020, class one vehicle owners can pay toll at 62 toll stations using radio-frequency identification (RFID). They may check the designated locations where to install RFID tags for free.


5. New Mechanism for Petrol Subsidy Programme (PSP)

If you are a BHS beneficiary, you belong to the 2.9 million to get fuel subsidy in the year 2020. The government has confirmed new mechanisms for Petrol Subsidy Programme (PSP). The subsidy rate will is at RM30 a month for car owners, with cars with no more than 1600cc engine displacement. While RM12 a month for motorcycle owners with motorcycles with no more than 15cc engine displacement. The subsidy is limited to one vehicle per recipient, whichever is higher. 


6. EURO4Ms Ron95 Petrol to be available at all gas stations in Malaysia

In compliance with the EURO4M standards, all gasoline stations in the country will sell EURO4Ms Ron95 Petrol starting January 2020. EURO4Ms Ron95 Petrol has a sulfur content of only 50 PPM per liter,  for lower vehicle emissions and better engine performance. Some large companies such as Shell and Petron have already started selling EURO4Ms Ron95 Petrol in selected stations. 


7. 18% reduction in toll rates on North-South Expressway

According to the 2020 budget announced by the Malaysian government, the toll rates at the North-South Expressway will be reduced by 18%. The exact implementation date is not yet announced. 


8. Penang City Hall will no longer sell paper parking coupons

Motorists and visitors in Penang are now required to download the Penang Smart Parking (PSP) app in paying parking fees starting January 1. The city councilor announced that Penang will no longer sell paper-based coupons in order to reduce the use of paper and protect the environment. 


9. Second Penang Bridge toll down to RM7

From the current rate of RM8.50, tolls from the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge or the Second Penang Bridge will be reduced to RM7 by January 1, 2020, following the toll rate at the first Penang Bridge. 


10. Online registration is required before entering Singapore

Starting in January 2020, when a Malaysian-registered vehicle will enter Singapore for the first time, the owner should first complete the registration form and submit the relevant documents online one week in advance to get your Autopass Card at the LTA Office for your visit in Singapore. 


**All photos are taken from the Internet. If there is any copyright infringement, please contact the editor.

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