5 Out of the Ordinary Flower Bouquets for a More Memorable Graduation Day!


A bouquet of flowers is one of the most fancy presents you can give for a graduating, family, friend or significant other. But to make it out of the usual bouquet, here are other flower bouquet ideas that will surely make mark their graduation day extra special!

1. Strawberry bouquet

Strawberry bouquet was first introduced in South Korea. Since it resembles to the typical red roses, this one is an ideal gift for sweet milady!

2. Vegetable bouquet

Vegetable bouquet? Why not! It’s very colorful and healthy (LOL). After having a photo op straight ahead to the kitchen!

3. Fried chicken bouquet

If this bouquet won’t catch the attention of the receiver, let’s just eat it! The bouquet can attract anyone due to its luscious look and fragrant aroma a flower can’t give!

4. Durian bouquet

This bouquet is definitely a history in the making. DURIAN bouquet? Malaysian people are very innovative, I must say. This is very unique and will make anyone who receives it laugh hilariously!

5. Snack bouquet

Snack bouquet originated in Japan. A beautiful arrangement of snacks is what a modern woman would really love!


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