【 New PKRC: Specifically For Women, Pregnant Mothers and Children at Permai Hospital 】


In order to provide a more comfortable treatment environment for women, pregnant women and children under the age of 12 who are infected with Covid-19, the Johor government opened the COVID-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centre (PKRC) at Olive B, at the Johor Bahru Permai Hospital. This centre is now in operation.

Johor Bahru Disaster Management Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Salleh said that this centre is expected to accommodate 585 first and second phases patients. This is also the third low-risk quarantine and treatment centre in Johor Bahru besides Pasir Gudang Indoor Stadium and Iskandar DB Building.

It is reported that this building has 5 floors. Each floor has separate rooms, toilets, elevators and other facilities to provide a more comfortable and relaxing space for children and pregnant women. Medical staff on duty included doctors specialized on infectious disease, pediatrics and obstetricians from Kulai Hospital and Johor Bahru General Hospital.

At present, Pasir Gudang mobile cabin hospital has a total of 727 patients, including 400 male patients and 327 female patients. Female patients will not be transferred to this newly established centre but will continue to stay in Pasir Gudang mobile cabin hospital. Since the epidemic is unpredictable and there are new variants of the virus, the government will be fully prepared to face the challenges of the epidemic.

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