Top 10 Reasons to Visit U.K. Agro Resort Farm For a Worthwhile Summer



Summer is not just about beaches and water parks! Why not try something fresh and new? When we say fresh, there’s nothing fresher than visiting a farm! Why not pay a visit to U.K. Agro Resort Farm? It is where you can have a fruitful, educational, and fun summer experience, enjoy all these at one place!



U.K. stands for Un Keng, which is the name of the owner of the farm. U.K. Agro Resort farm can give you a genuine farm experience Kluang, Johor and is considered as Malaysia’s largest goat and sheep farm, where kids, kids at heart, and adult of all ages will enjoy!

Experience their “Farm Tours” which can be a visit to mushroom and vegetable farms, feedstock processing factory, sheep pens, goat milk processing center, herb sanctuary, ostrich park, Jakun village, and fruit farm.

So, there’s really a need for you to spend a part of your summer at UK Agro Resort Farm! And we have all the reasons why! 

1. Bonding with adorable sheep and goats has never been this fun!


U.K. Agro Resort Farm is considered as Malaysia’s largest goat & sheep farm because it has 100 acres consists of 4,000 sheep till date with species includes Jamnapari, Domba Garut, Damara, Barbados, Santa Ines, Malin, and Dorper. When you are there, don’t miss to see them graze out from their pens, play with them, feed them, and cuddle them like your favorite stuff toy!



What is it like feeding the cute baby goats in their separate outdoor pen? Plus, each bottle costs RM2 only! You can also try their Sheep Challenge where you can try to catch the sheep in 3 minutes and win yourself a secret prize! How cool is that?

2. Pick your choice of fruits at their bountiful organic fruits farm!



How about picking some super fresh fruits on their fruit farm? It is a very healthy treat for you and your family, plus you got to enjoy harvesting it yourself while enjoying the nature scenery!

3. Watch how animals live and play at their mini zoo!




Probably, the highlight of the farm is goats and sheep, but you can also found other animals on their mini zoo. Here you can see peacocks, turkeys, rabbits, monkeys, wild boar, and other animals where kids and adults will really appreciate!

4. Find out how exciting the process of goat milk extraction is!




Of course, the visit to the farm is not complete without learning something from it! Here in UK Agro Resort Farm, you just don’t simply enjoy because you learn as well. They usually explain the process of feed preparation which is surprisingly formulated with necessary nutrients in relation with the sheep needs, they also add ingredients such as soybeans, corn and other grain to make it more healthier.

While the process of milking is much more complicated and needs a lot of necessary standards to ensure the freshness of the milk!

5. Be amazed on how mushrooms are made at their Mushroom farm.





See how mushrooms grow out of soiled bottles. Though this may look weird at first, you may get surprised as it is very expensive because they grow mushrooms called Ling Zhi, a kind of mushroom which is used for medicinal purposes.

6. Meet and greet with the ostriches at Ostrich farm!




You can experience feeding this big birds for RM3 for each feed, but as a piece of advice, be careful!

7. Experience the nightlife at the farm!




Who says that life at the farm is boring? Spend a night at the farm and we’ll prove you wrong because they have an open stage, campsite, and karaoke! No rooms for boredom!

8. They have the best-tasting BBQ!




Of course, after a day hours of tour, you’ll be hungry. In addition to prepared buffet for  guests, they also offer BBQ for RM40 per person!

9. Savour their dairy product fresh from the farm!




How about some goat ice cream for dessert? It may taste just ordinary at first, but you can eventually taste the unique taste of milk from goat! You can choose from sizes like Large/475ml for RM9.90 and Small/125ml for RM3.50. You can also choose flavors of Vanilla, chocolate & strawberry.

10. Uniquely-crafted souvenirs are waiting for you to be taken home!




You can actually bring home unique goodies and souvenirs like passion fruit products, which can be a gift to you loved ones. There are other choices too like goat’s milk ice cream, milk and coffee powder, milk lotion, passion fruit sauce and farm products! 


So, you still have a plenty of time for summer! Make UK Agro Resort Farm your destination before the summer ends!

Address: Plot 8, Project Pertanian Moden Kluang, KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +607-759 7555; +607-759 5018; +607-759 5991

Or check out their website at!

Check out and like their Facebook page!

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