Uncover the Seven Majestic Pride Waterfalls of Malaysia


As a tropical country, Malaysia has been blessed with wonders of nature. Take these astonishing waterfalls as an example. Their beauty shaped by nature is beyond compare!

Kota Tinggi Waterfall 哥打丁宜瀑布 / 柔佛

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Dip into the cold water of the cascading waterfall which stand 34 meters in Gunung Muntahak surrounded by lush green forests and chirping sound of the birds! A truly relaxing place to pause the hustle of Johor Bahru district for a while.

Lata Berembun Waterfall 白叶山 / 彭亨劳勿

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Behold the untouched beauty of Lata Berembun! It is a three-tiered waterfall standing a hundred feet tall! It’s inviting crystal clear water will replenish your exhaust body in an instant as you watch the rapids flow spectacularly along the lake.

Air Terjun Chamang 情人瀑布 / 彭亨文冬

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The waterfall made quintessential for adventure seekers or backpackers looking for great scenery. The rapid is strong along the waterfall, thus to ensure everyone’s safety, there are flags posted everywhere. Green flags means safe, yellow needs precaution and red is dangerous.

Seven Wells Waterfall 七仙井瀑布 / Pulau Langkawi

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The most famous waterfalls in Malaysia known locally as Telaga Tujuh, is truly a wonder of its kind. It’s name was inspired by it’s seven natural pools that flows down at Mount Mat Cincang. Seven Wells Waterfall undoubtedly picturesque sight is certainly a must-visit in Malaysia!

Rainbow Waterfall 林明彩虹瀑布 / 关丹

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As the name suggest, we clearly know what to expect at this gorgeous waterfall. Bathe underneath the vibrant rainbow or take quirky  cool photos!

Chiling Waterfall 吉令瀑布 / 雪兰莪

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It is the second and one of the most spectacular waterfall in Selangor, it is no surprising why it is being mobbed by lots of tourist yearly!

Chemerong Waterfall 遮墨隆瀑布 / 登嘉楼

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Hidden inside the lush rainforest of Terengganu, this charming waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in the country! In addition to its exceptional waterfall and pristine water, it is guarded by beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers, a paradise to say the least!

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