【 Shop Easily without Leaving Home! Check Out These RM2 Shopee Online Store. Enjoy A Hassle-Free Shopping Experience 】


With the implementation of the movement control order, as good citizens, we must take preventive measures to reduce outings. Actually, you could get many daily essential items through online shopping! So why bother to step out of your house? Let’s check out these RM2 online shops on Shopee today! There are a variety of items to choose from and you could even use Shopee coupons to get a cheaper price!

ZonJimat Online

For those who live in Johor Bahru may be a little unfamiliar with Zon Jimat, but there are actually many branches of Zon Jimat throughout Malaysia! Most of the items here are priced at RM1.90. There are a variety of items for you to buy, including daily housewares, toys, snacks and so on.

Online store link:https://shopee.com.my/zonjimat.os

ecoshop Malaysia

Most items in Ecoshop Malaysia are priced at RM2.10! You could get almost everything you need at here with such a low price!

Online store link:https://shopee.com.my/ecoshopmy.os

Ninso Official Store

Most items in Ninso Official Store are also priced at RM2.10, but some of the items are priced above RM2.10.

Online store link: https://shopee.com.my/ninso.os

NOKO RM2 Malaysia

Most items in NOKO RM2 Malaysia only cost RM2! Only few of the items are priced at RM5.

Online store link:https://shopee.com.my/noko.os

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