【 SPM 2020 Candidates Can Appeal Grades Online For Unsatisfied SPM Result! 】


The 2020 SPM results were released on June 10. Are you satisfied with your results? If you are not satisfied, you can actually apply for an appeal and have your paper remarked!

Due to the impact of the pandemic and the implementation of the total lockdown, people are encouraged to stay home. If you want to appeal the SPM result, you can directly complete all the appeal application procedures online. To apply for an appeal to re-mark the test paper, you will need to pay a fee of RM100 per subject.

How to Appeal Grades Online

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click Perkhidmatan

Step 3

  • Click Semak Semula

Step 4

  • Enter your IC number and your Angka Giliran

Step 5

  • According to the steps shown on the website, select the subjects that need to be re-marked, and pay the relevant fees.

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