【 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of FMCO by Johor State Government . Check Whether Your Economic Sector is Allowed to Operate! 】


The nationwide lockdown begins today and lasts for 14 days. The Johor State Government has unified the standard operating procedures. If you wonder whether your sector can operate, you may check the following list. The latest business hours and standard operating procedures announced by the Johor Bahru City Hall MBJB are also attached in the end of this article.


【Allowed to Operate】

1. Food and beverage industry (street stalls, food trucks, restaurants and so on)
2. Hospitals, clinics, medical services
3. Pharmacy
4. Supermarket, grocery store, mini market
5. Gas station
6. Public market, fresh market, fixed market
7. Pet Care Centre
8. Laundromats and automatic self-service laundry
9. Optical shop
10. Repairing of Cars, motorcycles, and boat equipment 
11. E-commerce
12. Outbound transportation company
13. Hardware store
14. Bank, ATM, insurance
15. Communication industry (mobile phone selling or trading and maintenance) Note: Mobile phone decoration is not allowed to operate
16. Agricultural 1quipment and supplies store
17. Fruit stores
18. Baby products stores
19. Religious goods stores
20. Cruise ship (non-tourism purpose)
21. Hotel (isolation use and work use)


【Not Allowed to Operate】

1. Pub, bar
2. Zoos, aquariums, outdoor theme parks
3. KTV center, indoor theme park
4. Morning market, night market, mobile market
5. Libraries, museums, cultural centers
6. Car wash
7. Toy stores
8. Sports goods, bicycle shops
9. Furniture store
10. Industries that need to visit others’ houses (such as filtering water)
11. Outdoor or indoor shooting is not allowed
12. Clothing store
13. Barber shop
14. Massage, spa
15. Beauty center, manicure, hairdressing
16. Kindergarten
17. Flower shop, fishing center
18. Shoes store
19. Car decoration 
20. Stationery store
21. Money exchange center
22. Cyber café
23. Photocopy shop
24. Tailor-made clothing shop
25. Perfume
26. Windshield mirror
27. Audio store
28. Decoration industry
29. Trading and selling cars
30. Steel Store
31. Keys Store
32. Safety door stores
33. Park
34. Gym
35. Developer’s office
36. Watch store
37. Souvenirs store


Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB) also released latest SOP and business hours for each sector, you may check them here:

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