Storing Tip: 8 Foods You Should NEVER Refrigerate


We stock food in the fridge, but do you know what are the foods you should put and what you SHOULDN’T? You might be surprised to know that not all foods are worth refrigerating for πŸ˜‰


1. Tomato

The coldness of the fridge kills tomatoes flavor-producing enzymes which can make them taste less tasty and ruins their texture.


2. Potato

Potatoes contain natural sugar which develops into a dangerous chemical called acrylamide when cold!


3. Onion

Lack of air circulation can cause onions to spoil quickly!


4. Garlic

The humidity present in the refrigerator can make the garlic moldy and mushy.


5. Avocado

You can’t put raw avocado of the fridge since the low temperatures can avoid avocado from ripening. On the contrary, placing riped avocado on the fridge can make it last longer.


6. Bread

Bread must be stored in a room-temperature environment, when you refrigerate bread, it will become harder and drier.


7. Coffee Beans

If you like your coffee aromatic, don’t store it in a refrigerator! Storing them in a refrigerator will lose the aroma of the beans which can be absorbed by other foods in the refrigerator.


8. Honey

There’s no need to refrigerate honey. Storing honey in a cooler temperature will only solidify the honey.

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