Things You Habitually Do that Unknowingly Damaging Your Car


Having a car gives you access to go to the places you want, which is why it’s one of the goals of most of us. But there are a lot of responsibilities entailed in owning one, and we must admit the fact that maintenance is extremely necessary.

Albeit car is a high-maintenance vehicle, you can somehow save yourself from big expenses if you try to avoid things that can damage your car and its performance. Though some of these have become your “bad habits”.

1.  Not slowing down for speed bumps or potholes

Since the components in the front end of a car are precisely aligned to each other, bumping over a speed bump or a diving into a pothole can cause the alignment to be disrupted, which leads to bad things. To save your car such damage, try avoiding these road hazards as much as you can.

2. Parking on uneven ground

There will be times when it seems quite hard to look for a spot to park your car, that’s why some may consider doing it even on a not smooth surface. This act causes the other wheels to carry the weight of your car, and also cause damage to the steering rod and the boot.

3. Improper use of aircon

People usually turn off the air conditioner before the car stops, when in fact it should be off 2 to 3 minutes in advance. In addition, warming up your car’s engine for a minute or two helps distribute oil throughout the engine.

4. A sudden shift from “reverse” to “drive”

Though sliding your gear shift into “drive” before it reaches a complete halt is not a major problem, this act still stresses transmission parts. Instead, put your foot on the brake and wait until your car come to a complete halt when backing out, then shift your car into drive and head your way out.

5. Turning the steering wheel all the way

If you have a habit of turning the steering wheel to the end, then you should stop this for it can lead overpressure on the pump creating a bind in the steering rack.

6. Neglecting to turn off the wiper

Forgetting to turn off the wiper before going out of the car can cause the wiper motor to burn the next time you start the car.

7. Washing the sun under the scorching sun

You may think giving your car a bath when the sun is out is a good idea, but it’s absolutely not, men because it can ruin the finish.

8. Keeping the gas tank low

Most car owners have probably experienced driving their four wheels with a tank low on fuel—and just refuel it at the nearest gas station. Unknowingly, this habit can damage the fuel system. So, instead of paying a huge amount of money for a fuel pump replacement, why not just spend a few more pennies in the gas tank?

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